Top 10 Best Bounce Houses of 2024

Bounce houses can provide hours of fun for kids.  A hit at birthday parties for years, bounce houses are now becoming a popular form of entertainment in many households.   They provide a screen free experience and are a fun way for your little ones to get exercise.    Residential bounce houses come in many different sizes and can include a number of features such as slides and basketball hoops.  Finding the right bounce house can provide years of fun for the whole family. 

Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House

Blast Zone Magic Castle

✔ 7ft x 7ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Magic Castle Theme
Built w/ Commercial Grade Material
✔ Indoor or Outdoor Use
✔ Heavy Duty Blower Included 
✔ 300lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size:  8.5ft x 8.5ft x 11ft


Little Tikes inflatable jump n slide bounce house

Little Tikes Jump N’ Slide

✔ 12ft x 9ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Large Slide, Wide Enough for Multiple Children
Built w/ Puncture-Resistant Material
✔ Heavy Duty Blower Included 
✔ 250lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size:  9ft x 11.5ft x 5.5ft


Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer with Blower

Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer

✔ 12 ft x 12 ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Built with Commercial Grade Material
✔ Indoor or Outdoor Use
✔ Heavy-duty blower included
✔ 600 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 15 ft x 12 ft x 7 ft


Yard Outdoor Indoor Bounce house and Slide

YARD Bounce House

✔ 6ft x 6ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Constructed with Quality Material to Protect Against Rips and Tears
✔ Indoor or Outdoor Use
✔ Heavy-duty blower included
✔ 250 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 9.5ft x 6.6ft x 6.5ft


Picasso Tiles KC102 bouncing house

PicassoTiles KC102 Bouncer

✔ 12ft x 10ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Multiple Entrances & Shaded Patio Area
✔ Basketball Hoop & Sports Balls Included
✔ Heavy-duty blower included
✔ 250 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 12ft x 10ft x 7ft


WellFunTime Jumping Castle Bounce House

WellFunTime Jumping Castle

✔ 5.5ft x 5.5ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Ball Pit, Slide, Soccer Net, Dart Board, & Basketball Hoop
✔ Indoor or Outdoor Use
✔ Heavy-duty blower included
✔ 300 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 12ft x 10ft x 7ft


Little Tikes Giant Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Giant House w/ Slide

✔ 10ft x 5ft Bounce Area
✔ Jump Area, Rock Wall, and 9ft Slide
✔ Mesh Sides For Safety
✔ Heavy-duty blower included
✔ 250 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 10ft x 10ft x 9ft


Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Bounce House

Blast Zone Superstar

✔ 10ft x 10ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Floor Built w/ Durable Commercial Grade Material
✔ 3ft Slide Entrance
✔ Heavy-duty blower included
✔ 500 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 15ft x 12ft x 7ft


Bounceland Inflatable Party Castle Bounce House

BounceLand Party Castle

✔ 10ft x 10ft Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Castle Theme w/ Slide & Basketball Hoop
✔ Removable Sun Roof for Added Shade on Hot Days
✔ Indoor or Outdoor Use
✔ Heavy-duty blower included
✔ 500 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 16ft x 13ft x 10ft


My Bouncer Little Castle

My Bouncer Little Castle

✔ 50in x 50in Bounce Area w/ Mesh Sides
✔ Small Size – Max 2 Childred @ 75lbs/ea
✔ Indoor or Outdoor Use
✔ Blower included
✔ 150 lb Total Weight Limit
✔ Inflated Size: 90″ x 118″ x 72″


Our Proprietary Ranking System Takes The Following Factors Into Consideration


Special Features


Jumping Area

Weight Capacity

Price Point

Feedback/ Reviews

Blowers Included

Bounce House Buying Guide

Residential bounce houses are typically smaller in size and have a lower total weight capacity than commercial bounce houses but are a good investment and will save you money over renting in the end.    Choosing the right bounce house can be a tough decision.  There are many different sizes, themes, and features to consider.  To help make your decision easier, we’ve highlighted some important factors to think about when buying a bounce house for your home.

kids having fun in a bounce house

What to Look For in a Bounce House

There are a few main features to take into consideration when purchasing a bounce house for your home.   It goes without saying that you will want a quality product that will not only last, but also endure all your kids can throw at it.

The information provided below highlights other features to focus on in order to make the correct purchase for your family.

big bounce hosue


The first thing to consider when purchasing a bounce house is the amount of space you have available.  Not only should you choose a bounce house with dimensions that will fit your space, but most manufacturers suggest a 5 ft clearance in every direction for maximum safety. If you purchase a bounce house with a blower, you will also need that extra space (at least on one side) to connect the blower and air tube.

Some bounce houses can be used both indoors and outdoors.  If you plan on using your bounce house indoors, be sure to pay close attention to the height dimension.  You also want to ensure your space is clear from obstructions such as fans or low hanging light fixtures which may become safety hazards.

Weight Capacity

All bounce houses come with weight requirements so you will need to have an idea of how many kids you could have bouncing at one time.    The average weight limit for residential bounce houses is around 250 lbs with a maximum of 3 children bouncing at one time.  Smaller and larger options are available.

Keep in mind, to get the most out of your money you’ll want something that your kids can grow into not out off.  If your kids are older, you may want to consider a larger, commercial grade bounce house.  Though these may cost more up front, many can hold upwards of 800 lbs and are therefore built to last longer than smaller non-commercial versions.

Blower For Continuous Air Flow

All bounce houses should come with a blower to provide continuous air flow.  Bounce houses are designed to allow air to flow thru, so don’t be alarmed when air “leaks” through the seams.  Allowing the air to flow freely is what gives you the bounce you are looking for.   Different size bounce houses may require different size blowers to keep the structure inflated.  Therefore, its always best to purchase a bounce house that comes with its own blower.

Special Features

Many bounce houses offer additional features for added entertainment.  The most common options include, slides, basketball hoops, obstacle course designs, and ball pit zones.  Bounce houses can also be themed based and come in the shape of a castle, sports arena, or jungle (just to name a few).  When choosing a feature or theme it’s important to consider what’s appropriate for your group, not only now but also in the future.

Pay attention to the jumping area.  Many bounce houses that offer additional features often have smaller jumping areas.  Depending on your needs, this may or may not be a concern.  If you have children that are scared of heights you may want to double check that climbing walls or slides are an appropriate height for them.  Balls for ball pits are often not included and can be and get expensive depending on how many are needed.  These are all things to consider when looking at extra features to ensure you are choosing the right bounce house to fit your needs.

Girl in Ball Pit Bouncey Castle


Once you’ve decided on the size, weight capacity, and special features that are right for your family, you can feel confident your purchasing a bounce house that will provide your family with years of fun.  Enjoy spending quality time with your family and making new memories along the way.   Believe me, your kids (or grandkids) will thank you!

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