StreetStrider vs ElliptiGO Elliptical Street Bikes

StreetStrider vs ElliptiGO

Outdoor Elliptical Bike Reviews

Elliptical bikes are a relatively new thing.  They’re a cross between the elliptical machine you work out on in the gym and a bicycle, and they allow you to get a total-body workout while enjoying the outdoors.  Each and every year, elliptical bikes are becoming more mainstream and can be seen on city streets giving someone a high-cardio, low-impact workout.. 

If you’ve looked into elliptical bikes at all, done any research, or watched any videos, odds are you’re comparing the same two manufacturers as most others do:  StreetStrider vs ElliptiGO.  They are by far the two most popular elliptical bike brands made today, and both make a great product.  But, for as much as they’re both well-liked among this growing community, they’re actually not that similar when you break down their differences.  

Both of these brands have an entire lineup of elliptical bikes for sale.  However, to effectively discuss their differences, let’s compare head-to-head what we believe to be the most popular model for each brand.  That’s the StreetStrider 3i and the ElliptiGO Arc 8, which are starter options for both brands.  Here are the specs on these two great elliptical bikes: 

StreetStrider 3i Elliptical Bike

StreetStrider 3i

Total Length:  68.5″

Wheelbase:  51″

Weight:  53lbs

Speeds/Gears:  3

Wheels/Tires:  3

Rider Capacity:  300lbs

StreetStrider 3i Manual

Woman Riding StreetStrider 3i Elliptical Bike Fast

Top Features

Outdoor + Indoor (Stand Incl.)

Comes in Blue or Charcoal

Climbs Moderate to Steep Hills

Price: Current 3i Price

StreetStrider 3i - Female Rider Training
ElliptiGO 8C Elliptical Bike

ElliptiGO 8C

Total Length:  75″

Wheelbase:  54″

Weight:  44lbs

Speeds/Gears:  8

Wheels/Tires:  2

Rider Capacity:  250lbs

ElliptiGO Long Stride Manual

ElliptiGO 8C - Female Rider Leisure Ride

Top Features

Sprints at Speeds 20mph +

Comes in Green or Black

Climbs 20-30% Grade Hills

Price: Current 8C Price

Man and Woman Riding ElliptiGO 8C Elliptical Bikes on Road

StreetStrider vs EllipitGO:  Best Elliptical Street Bike Reviews

Let’s face it, elliptical bikes are so cool!  Their popularity is gaining traction all over the world.  They give the rider a great workout without forcing you to be stuck in a gym when it’s nice out.  The workout is a phenomenal too, because it’s total-body, working your arms, legs, and core in a single motion just like an elliptical in the gym.  Time to discuss these two great elliptical bike brands and their products in more detail.


Both of these brands producing outdoor elliptical bicycles are on the leading edge of this industry and making a splash.  The bikes mentioned above are similar in pricing, but both companies have a selection of products in varying price ranges.  


It’s not uncommon for riders to want to travel with their elliptical bikes to ride in an area far from home.  In both instances, travelling is a breeze as both bikes get smaller for storage.  How this happens is slightly different however.  The StreetStrider folds up and straps tight.  On the ElliptiGO, you can easily remove the handlebars and the wheels with quick release handles.  Both work well for fitting in tight storage or a vehicle for transport.

StreetStrider Folded for Easy Storage
Breaking Down ElliptiGO for Storage or Travel

Riding Speeds

Potential buyers always seem to be interested in speeds.  Elliptical bikes from both companies will go similar speeds, typically maxing out somewhere between 15-25 mph.  This of course depends on the rider and their skill level and comfort, but also the model they’re riding.


Despite both making elliptical street bikes, there are many differences.  It’s almost unfair to compare these two great companies as they have a slightly different are of focus with their product.  It just happens to be a similar product, which drives the question.  But, that’s okay!  That’s what we’re here for.

The Brands

StreetStrider and ElliptiGO are far and away the top brands for outdoor elliptical bicycles.  In fact, both have been around competing with each other for several years already.  

ElliptiGO Logo

ElliptiGO has the privilege of saying they were first to the market, the pioneer as they say.  They are known for their high-performance elliptical bikes and even professional cyclists like to ride them for a slightly different workout.  As ElliptiGO grows, they have added more products to their lineup including Stand Up Bikes and Long-Stride Elliptical Bikes.  Each has its own unique riding motion and set of muscles that are worked out during the ride.  See all ElliptiGO products listed at Amazon

YouTube video
StreetStrider Logo

While StreetStrider wasn’t first, they have a great following and their elliptical bikes tend to be more sought after by beginners and riders that desire a bit more stability.  This stability is a byproduct of the 3rd wheel which we’ll talk more about in the next section.  StreetStrider’s mission is to “provide a fun, innovative exercise experience that inspires and supports a healthy and active lifestyle.”  See all StreetStrider products listed at Amazon

YouTube video

Design Differences

You probably noticed these design differences if you watched the videos above.  The StreetStrider is almost just a portable elliptical machine that rolls. 

The motion of both your feet and arms are nearly identical to what you have on an actual elliptical in a gym and it gives you a better total body workout than the ElliptiGO.   Due in part to some of this added motion, the StreetStrider product is bulkier and heavier at 53lbs for the 3i. Steering is done by leaning your body.  

The design of the ElliptiGO is slightly different.  The handlebars are stationary and your arms don’t move like they do on the StreetStrider elliptical bicycle.  The steering and motion is much more similar to a bicycle on the ElliptiGO.  One exception is with your feet.  They move in an elliptical motion, rather than a circular motion with standard bike pedals. 

You also have a standing posture, rather than sitting on a standard bike.  You get less of an upper body workout with the ElliptiGO, but it’s definitely a high-performance machine, and lightweight at only 37lbs for the Arc 8 reviewed above.  This makes it more agile and perhaps thrilling to ride at times than the StreetStrider.

Outdoors: Yes, Indoors: Yes


Until just recently, only the StreetStrider product could be effectively used indoors.  However, ElliptiGO now offers their Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer product that allows you to train indoors year-round too.  These indoor training stands assist in lifting the back tire off the ground in such a manner that your elliptical bike can be used in your living room! 

This flexiblity offers a great deal of value to customers of both these products.  Imagine how much money you can save purchasing one of these versus buying both a bike AND a traditional elliptical machine.  If you need both, you it should not be hard to justify this option.

StreetStrider Indoor Training Stand - using elliptical bike in living room
ElliptiGO Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer - using elliptical bike in living room

Beginners & Excercise vs High-Performance & Training

We touched on this some above, but it’s an important topic, and one that might help you make a decision between StreetStrider and ElliptiGO.  These two companies have some competition overlap for sure, but their target markets are just different enough that there’s plenty of room for both of them to be successful.

StreetStrider’s elliptical bikes target beginners and gym-goers that want to take their workout outside sometimes.  Because of the 2nd wheel on the front of a StreetStrider, the rider can focus on the workout and the motion rather than being concerned with keeping his or her balance.  This is perfect for beginners or someone that hasn’t ridden a bike in years.  

In a stark contrast, ElliptiGO appears to focus their marketing efforts to outdoors people, travelers, traditional cyclists, and thrill seekers.  It’s less about the fitness aspect and more about the experience.  The exercise is tremendous on one however, so it should not be overlooked.  It’s just not the focus.

Rider on ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike - Riding Trail Near Bay Overlooking City

Rider Weight Capacity

One last point of difference in the ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider battle is the weight capacity each has for its rider.  The ElliptiGO has a capacity of 250lbs.  In keeping with its weight-loss theme, the StreetStrider has capacity for individuals that are up to 300lbs for riding on most of their products.


Both the StreetStrider crowd and the ElliptiGO fans can rest easy.  There’s no loser here as both companies have their own target market.  Just by knowing your personality, you’ve probably already deduced which elliptical bike manufacturer best fits your needs.

If you’re in it for the exercise and and need the ability to move inside when it rains, the StreetStrider elliptical bikes is better for you.  It provides more of a full body workout with the movement of your arms and leaning turns.  It’s also your only option if someone that will be riding it is over 250lbs.

If you’re more of a thrill seeker or person that just likes to do outdoor activities, consider the ElliptiGO elliptical street bikes.  They can be more fun and more extreme to ride.  And, with only 2 wheels, they tend to be more agile and accessible to different terrains