Genie Stealth 750 Reviews

Genie Stealth 750 Reviews

Genie garage door openers have been around since the mid 1950s, and have become a trusted household brand ever since.  They make numerous openers including screw drives, belt drives, and chain drives.  For the smooth, quiet operation, we recommend considering a belt drive option, and the Stealth Drive 750 one of our favorites from Genie.       

Genie Stealth 750

The Genie Stealth 750 (aka Model no. 7055-TKV) is a mid-range belt driven garage door opener, and is priced as such.  It’s larger 1.25 HP motor makes it compatible with most residential sectional garage doors up to 7 feet tall and 500 pounds in weight.  All that power is harnessed with the belt drive, making its operation ultra quiet.  There’s a video below displaying this, check it out!

You can feel confident in the StealthDrive 750.  Genie definitely does…it’s one of the very few models that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on for the motor and belt!  All other parts on the opener carry a 1 year warranty.  

Genie StealthDrive 750 Specifications

  • Size: 1-1/4 HP 
  • Drive: Belt Drive
  • Remotes: (2) pre-programmed remotes
  • Keyless Entry:  Yes
  • WIFI: No*
  • Smartphone Controls: No*
  • Battery Backup: Yes
  • Encryption:  Intellicode (rolling codes)
  • Genie Stealth 750 Manual

* The Genie Stealth 750 is compatible, but these items can only be added with Aladdin Connect, purchased separately.

Genie Stealth 750 Features

The Stealth 750 includes all the standard features Genie offers including their Safe-T-Beam sensors, GenieSense monitoring, Intellicode security, and both Homelink and Car2U compatibility.  Of course, as a mid-range opener, the Genie StealthDrive 750 also has some special features.

Genie Stealth 750 pre-programmed remotes

(2) Pre-Programmed Remotes

The Genie remotes come pre-programmed from the factory, making installation a breeze.  It’s just one less step you have to worry about since they’re ready out of the box!

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Coupling the steel reinforced belt drive system with a DC motor makes for an ultra smooth, quiet operation.  This is an ideal situation for any attached garage where the noise can travel into your home.

Genie 750 Battery Backup

Integrated Backup Battery

The integrated backup battery on the Genie 750 means you can raise and lower the garage door even when the power goes out during a storm!  This means you won’t be stuck in the driveway when you come home and really want to pull in the garage and not get wet.  

Limited Lifetime Motor & Belt Warranty

The motor and belt systems have reliable performance and you can feel confident in your purchase with their limited lifetime warranty.  They drive system is greased and sealed at the factory prior to shipping for long lasting reliability.

Genie Stealth 750 in Operation Video

Here’s a video that really shows the benefits of a belt drive garage door opener.  This customer compares the sound inside their home for a much smaller, 1/2 HP chain drive opener to the very quiet Genie Stealth 750.  To be clear, this is no knock on the Chamberlain LiftMaster.  The results would be similar no matter which chain drive it was being compared to.  Take a listen…

YouTube video

Our Conclusion

While not our top choice for a belt drive garage door opener (that’s the Chamberlain B970), Genie’s Stealth 750 is a good option.  It’s super quiet and provides all the options most need, assuming you’re not going to connect it to smart home or trying to control it with your mobile devices.

Genie StealthDrive 750 Garage Door Opener Kit

Genie is a trusted brand that stands behind their products, and the Stealth 750 is one of their flagship garage door openers.  As one of the few models they offer carrying a limited lifetime warranty, you know they’re positive it’s reliable for a long time to come.