Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Workers (Men’s & Women’s)

Folks that work in food service work hard and are on the feet for many hours at a time, often on back and forth over slick surfaces.  It’s a fast paced environment, and unless you like your feet hurting at the end of your shift, you NEED to get a good pair of shoes appropriate for the job.  They make non slip shoes specifically for restaurant workers, and we’ve rated the top 10 best (5/ea for Men and Women) for you below.  Buy a pair of these high-quality, comfortable, and slip resistant shoes today.  Your feet will thank you!

Top 5 Best Men’s Restaurant Shoes

Skechers Mcallen (best non slip shoe for restaurant workers) - Mens

Skechers Mcallen Food Service Shoes

✔ Memory Foam Insole For Cushioning
✔ Slip-on Restaurant Shoe w/ Breathable Mesh Fabric
✔ Reinforced Seams To Meet High Demand

✔ Slip Resistant to ASTM Standards

Merrel Jungle MOC LTR2 Restaurant Shoes

Merrel Jungle Moc LTR 2 Moccasin

Premium Food Service Shoe
✔ Full Grain Leather w/ Rubber Sole
✔ Highly Slip Resistant Outsoles
✔ Targeted Heal Cushioning All Day Comfort

Skechers Mens Cessnock Food Service Shoes

Skechers Cessnock Food Service Shoe

✔ Made w/ Breathable Mesh Fabric
✔ Memory Foam Insole for Comfort
✔ Slip Resistant to ASTM Standards
✔ Relax Fit

Shoes for Crews Freestyle ii mens Food Service Shoe

Shoes for Crews Freestyle II

✔ 100% Synthetic w/ Rubber Sole
✔ Low, Athletic-style Sneakers
✔ Removable Cushioned Sole
✔ Water and Slip Resistant

Skechers Nampa non slip mens restaurant shoes

Skechers Nampa Restaurant Shoe

✔ Synthetic w/ Rubber Sole
✔ Memory Foam Footbed
✔ Relaxed Fit
✔ Slip Resistant to ASTM Standards

Top 5 Best Women’s Restaurant Shoes

womens skechers work sure track non slip restaurant shoes

Skechers Work Relax Fit Sure Track

✔ Slip-on Casual Work Shoes w/ Relaxed Fit
✔ FlexSole For Supportive Comfort, 100% Leather
✔ Memory Foam Insole for All-Day Cushioned Comfort

Meets ASTM Slip Resistant Standards

Skechers for Work Squad SR Food Service Shoe

Skechers Sure Track Food Service Shoes

✔ 100% Synthetic & Lightweight
✔ Slip Resistant Food Service Shoe
✔ Athletic-Style Sneaker
✔ Flexible Sole

Fila Runtronic Non Slip Work Shoe

Fila Runtronic Slip Resistant Work Shoe

✔ Durable Leather and Syntheic Mesh Overlays
✔ Superior Traction to ASTM Industry Standards
✔ COOLMAX Fiber for All-Day Comfort
✔ Relaxed Styling

Shoes for Crews Womens LIberty Slip Resistant shoes for restaurant workers

Shoes For Crews Liberty Work Sneaker

✔ 100% Synthetic w/ Rubber Sole
✔ Water Resistant to Repel Liquids
✔ Ventilated Athletic Shoes
✔ Powerful Slip Resistant Techonolgy

Crocs on the Clock work shoe - unisex

Crocs On the Clock Unisex Work Shoe

✔ Unisex Slip Resistant Work Shoe
✔ Super Comfortable for Long Days/Nights
✔ Designed For Hard Workers – Secure, Relaxed Fit
✔ Easy to Clean & Waterproof

Restaurant Shoes Buying Guide

Working in restaurants is hard work.  I think we can all agree on that.  Whether your in the front of the house or the back, food service is demanding work where you’re up on your feel for long shifts.  Back and forth, back and forth all day (or night). Not to mention, wet floors from spills, condensation, or whatever it is, but it’s slippery!  It’s time to get a good pair of non slip shoes specifically made for restaurant workers.

Our Proprietary Ranking System Takes The Following Factors Into Consideration


Slip Resistance


All-Day Comfort

Relaxed & Ventilated

Price Point

Feedback/ Reviews

Customer Satsifaction

What Makes Good Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Workers

Picking the best non slip shoes for restaurant workers is not brain surgery or rocket science.  There are just four simple things to keep in mind when shopping for your next pair.  First, you definitely need something that is non slip, or more accurate, slip resistant.  Next, you’ll be on your feet for many hours at a time, so find something that is well-cushioned so you have comfort and support all day.  Third, you of course want something that reflects your style (this one’s op to you!).  And last but not least, make sure you read customer reviews before you buy. 

Slip Resistant Food Service Shoes

There are slip hazards all over restaurants, and if you work in one long enough, you’ll find out the hard way.  If you’re new to food service, maybe you just don’t know yet.  If your not new, you understand what I’m saying.  It’s so important to make sure you’re working shoes that are adequate for the job you’re doing.  They’ll make your work more productive and much safer.  We started noticing lately that many shoes now actually even go as far as to say their shoes meet ASTM slip resistant standards.  This is a good thing!

Waitress tired from being her feet all day

All-Day Comfort For Long Shifts

If you’re a chef, bartender, waitress, or server, you’re on your feet for many hours at a time, sometimes without any real break in the action.  It’s important that you find the best shoes you can to support your feet and get you through this. 

All to often, we see newbies to the food service scene skip this critical step and find some cheap pair of black shoes from Wally-World and hope for the best.  You’ll thank us later… get a quality pair of shoes right from the start!  You’re on your feet all day.  Why come home with blisters or sore feet for your personal time?  

Consumer Reviews and Other Feedback

Please don’t skip this step.  It’s easy and free!  Nothing else is easy and free these days, but checking customer reviews at online retailers truly is both easy and free.  It’s worth taking just a couple minutes to see what others think about the shoes they’ve purchased and if they really are slip resistant, durable, comfortable, and stylish like the marketing materials say they are.  What’s the reason not to do this?  There isn’t one.  


What else needs to be said?  Waiters and waitresses, hostesses and servers.  It doesn’t really matter what position you have.  If you work in a restaurant, you need quality, non slip shoes.  They’re a lifesaver when you’re on your feel all the time, waiting on others.  It’s really a necessity to prevent falls and slipping on spils.

In our list above, we’ve taken the time to do the research for you and pick the top 5 men’s and top 5 women’s non slip shoes for food service.  We hope both the list and this buyer’s guide for non slip shoes helps you find what you’re looking for!