Best Wet Dry Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring has always been easy to clean, but it can take so much time.  First you vacuum or sweep (dry mop) the entire floor, only to come back around a second time to wet mop it.  After researching this topic, we found that there’s a better way!  We’re going to tell you about the best wet/dry vacuum for hardwood floors.

In order to keep your hardwood floors looking clean and beautiful, you have to include a wet mop into your cleaning routine.  The general rule of thumb is to use a wet mop on moderate to high-traffic areas in your home at least once a week.  Of course, if you have pets or small children you may need to wet mop more often. This along with dry mopping multiple times a week is a time consuming but necessary task if you want to protect your flooring. 

Wet dry vacuums combine the weekly routine of dry and wet mopping into one easy, efficient process.  They vacuum up dirt and debris, wet mop the floor using a cleaning solution, and remove all excess water, leaving floors shiny and dry within minutes.  Investing in a good wet dry vacuum will help you protect and clean your floors while saving you time in the process.

woman cleaning hardwood floors with wet dry vacuum

Best Wet Dry VAC For Hardwood Floors:  Our Top Pick

Bissell has a long history of creating premium cleaning products and the Bissell CrossWave is no exception.  Safe to use on tile, sealed hardwood, laminate, linoleum, pressed wood floors, and area rugs, the CrossWave vacuums and washes your surfaces at the same time.  It’s easy to switch between surfaces using the touch controls on the handle.  The microfiber and nylon brush can go from area rugs to hardwood lifting up dry, stuck on debris without scratching or damaging your floors. 

Bissell CrossWave Wet/Dry Vacuum 

✔ Easy to maneuver w/ swivel steering
✔ Collects debris & mops at same time
✔ Two tank system means cleaning w/ fresh water
✔ Easy to clean & store between uses

Bissell CrossWave Review:

Bissell’s CrossWave wet dry vacuum is light weight and easy to maneuver and uses a 2-tank system to keep clean water separate from dirty water.  We love how easy it is to take apart and reassemble and remove and refill the cleaning solution. 

When it’s time to clean the CrossWave, the brush roll window simply snaps forward allowing you to easily remove the brush.  All pieces can be rinsed and wiped in the sink and the brush roll can be cleaned using dish soap and left to air dry. 

For light cleanings, you can use the included easy clean storage tray to clean your brush roll.  Simply add water to the tray and run the clean water through the machine to clean the brush.  The storage tray has a place to hold your brush roll while it air dries and dock your machine in-between uses. 

Yes, the Bissell CrossWave is perfect for hardwood floors, but it’s really a “multi-surface” cleaning tool.  In addition to hardwood flooring, it also excels at cleaning area rugs, tile, and any other hard surface like linoleum.  Check out this video showing the CrossWave plow through four different (wet & dry) messes we’ve all seen in our own homes.

YouTube video

Pretty amazing right?  What’s crazy is how quickly the CrossWave handles the messes when compared to other, more manual methods.  It’s quicker, does a better job, requires fewer tools, and means you don’t have to get dirty while cleaning up.

Have Pets & Hardwood Floors?   

There are two premium CrossWave models that serve specific purposes.  The first is the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro, a must have for pet owners.  Looking for something to help with those everyday pet messes?  This is the tool for you.  The Pet Pro includes all of the features of the original CrossWave plus two added features, the tangle-free brush roller and pet strainer, which were built specifically with pets in mind. 

The tangle-free brush roller is designed to minimize hair wrap which allows you to vacuum and mop without worrying about pet hair seizing up the roller.  The pet strainer fits down in the dirty water tank and separates solid debris from the dirty water.  This makes it easy to discard the debris in the trash so you can avoid clogging your drains when emptying the dirty water tank. 

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry VAC

✔ Vacuum & wash pet messes in one easy step
✔ Safe on a variety of surfaces from sealed hardwood to area rugs
✔ Tangle-free roller designed specifically for pet messes

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Review:

The Pet Pro is great with wet messes on all hard surfaces, especially hardwood flooring.  It doesn’t just pick them up, it washes your floor in the process.  The included multi-surface pet formula does a great job reducing pet odors to help keep your house smelling fresh and clean. 

Like the original CrossWave, the Pet Pro is easy to clean and comes with a rinse and clean out storage tray that is great for cleaning your machine between small uses.  The tray also provides a safe place to store your machine, and dry your roller brushes. 

A similar 2-tank system ensures you’re always using fresh water to clean with.  The swivel steering also carries over from the original, so it’s just as easy to use.  This is the best wet dry vacuum for hardwood floors if you have pets in your home.  

Anyone who has a pet knows how difficult frustrating it can be to clean up some of their messes.  You know the ones we’re talking about, right?  We all love our pets and couldn’t live without them, but the CrossWave Pet Pro really helps get through all the tough stuff while keeping everyone happy.  It makes quick, easy work anytime there’s “stuff” to clean up.  Besides pet messes, it still does all the normal stuff the original CrossWave does too.

Don’t Want To Be All Wrapped Up In Cords? 

The CrossWave Cordless Max Wet/Dry vacuum is the newest in the Bissell CrossWave line.  With enhanced features and a 36V lithium ion battery that provides cordless cleaning power, this is the machine you’ll reach for over and over again.  Cleaning up messes is now even easier without being tied to an outlet. 

Like the original CrossWave, the Cordless Max can be used on multiple hard surfaces including sealed hardwood and area rugs.  The Cordless Max charges while on its storage tray and takes 4 hours to fully charge.  This provides 30 minutes of cleaning power.  If you have a large area to clean, no problem, the machine will help keep your cleaning on track by indicating the amount of charge left in ten-minute intervals. 

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max Wet/Dry Vacuum

✔ No cords to get in your way
✔ 36V lithium battery provides 30 minutes of cleaning
✔ Larger tank capacity means fewer changeovers

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max Review:

The Cordless Max combines everything we love about the CrossWave wet/dry vacuums and packages it into a portable easy to use version.  It includes a few enhanced features compared to the original CrossWave and Pet Pro. 

A larger 18.6 oz dirty water tank saves you time by not needing to stop and empty the tank as often.  Improved edge cleaning shortens the cleaning path to 10.5 inches but allows you to get closer to baseboards and into the corners of your home. 

The Cordless Max also has a self-clean cycle that can be ran when docked on the storage tray for quick clean up. 

If you have questions about your Cordless Max, Bissell has created an app that will provide you with answers.  It’s easy to download and with Wi-Fi connected capabilities you can even link the app to your machine to track maintenance, get helpful alerts, or reorder cleaning solution. 

The Bissell line of CrossWave wet/dry vacuums are the best on the market, and they’re sure to have a model that fits your needs.  Whether your whole house is hardwood, you have multiple pets, or you just need something for quick clean-up of everyday messes you can’t go wrong with a Bissell CrossWave. 

Wet Dry Vacuums Are a Game Changer For Hardwood Floors

Wet/dry vacuums are truly a game changer for anyone looking for a better, faster way to keep their hardwood floors looking clean and beautiful.  Think about how many different products you could replace in your home with just this wet/dry vacuum.  Let’s think, there’s your vacuum cleaner, broom & dustpan, sponges, brushes, paper towels, and more.  Not to mention all the work that you’ll save yourself from having to sweep, then wipe, then mop, then dry, or God-forbid you clean the floors by hand.     

Cleaning products and vacuum cleaner

Do the images above look all too familiar?  It’s time to retire the mop and bucket and get a cleaner floor in half the time, using half the effort.  You surely won’t regret not feeling like this any longer.  We promise, your family and pets aren’t out to get you.  They aren’t trying to make it harder to keep your home clean.  You just don’t have the right tools for the job.  Don’t delay any longer, take action and make your life easier today with a new wet dry vacuum.

For most of us, our homes will be the largest investment we make in our life times.  According to, hardwood flooring can increase value of a home by roughly 3-5% so let’s make sure we take care of them.  Not only should we secure our investment, but it’s a great way to take pride in our homes and family.