Shark VACMOP vs VACMOP Pro Difference (1)


What’s the difference between the two?

Wet/dry vacuums have become a popular cleaning tool for many households.  The ability to simultaneously clean wet and dry messes saves time which is important in today’s fast paced world.  Owning a wet/dry vac also saves space.  Many people have ditched their mop and bucket and standard broom for these all-in-one machines.  As technology continues to evolve more and more companies are coming out with new wet/dry vacs and updating older models.

Shark is a relatively new company but their innovative products have quickly made them one of the most popular brands of vacuums on the market.  Here we compare Shark’s well-known wet/vac models, the VACMOP vs VACMOP Pro.  The VACMOP Pro is the upgraded model that is replacing the older VACMOP.  You may still find a few original VACMOPs on sale at some retailers, but most have already replaced them with the newer VACMOP Pro model.  If you want to learn more about the added features available on the VACMOP Pro and its overall performance capabilities, continue reading below.  Our review outlines the benefits and drawbacks of owning a VACMOP to help consumers like you make informed purchasing decisions. 

Shark VACMOP VM200



Multi-Surface Cleaning:  Sealed Hard Surface Flooring: Tile, Wood, Laminate, Linoleum 

Vacuum & Wash: Yes

Cleaning Path Width: 9.81 in

Detachable Extension:  None

Product Weight:  3.34 lbs

Cord Length:  Cordless 


No Headlights

Standard Charger

Model No. VM200

Price:  Model Discontinued

Shark VACMOP wet dry vacuum

Shark VACMOP Pro


Multi-Surface Cleaning:  Sealed Hard Surface Flooring: Tile, Wood, Laminate, Linoleum

Vacuum & Wash:  Yes

Cleaning Path Width:  9.81 in

Detachable Extension:  None

Product Weight:  3.34 lbs

Cord Length:  Cordless


LED Headlights

Magnetic Charger

Model No. VM252

Price:  Check Price


The Shark VACMOP combines a traditional spray mop with the suction of a vacuum.  This cordless machine has the ability to soak up and clean wet messes while simultaneously sucking up and trapping larger debris.  The VACMOP Pro is the latest model which incorporates a few upgrades from the original.  After researching these two models and reading through customer feedback we’ve compiled the comprehensive review below.  We describe the upgrades made to the VACMOP Pro, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of owning a VACMOP, and examine how it performs in key areas.

Difference Between the Shark VACMOP and VACMOP Pro:

The Shark VACMOP Pro (VM252) has two upgraded features that are not found on the original VACMOP (VM200).  These two features are the magnetic charger and the LED headlights.  The magnetic charger on the VACMOP Pro easily clicks into place on the back of the machine.  This makes it fast and simple to connect for charging.  Some consumers also list this as a safety feature.  The magnetic cord will easily disconnect if the machine is pulled away.  Therefore, if you forget the VACMOP Pro is plugged in, it won’t jerk you back to the wall or damage the charging unit.  The original VACMOP had a standard adapter that plugged into the back of the machine for charging.  

The second added feature on the VACMOP Pro is the LED headlights.  The purpose of the headlights is to help you see under furniture and in corners to make sure you are picking up all dirt and debris.  The headlights are automatic and will turn on as soon as the VACMOP Pro is in motion. Likewise, they will automatically shut off after 10 seconds of inactivity.  The added headlights have become a popular feature.  Many customer reviews have commented how they not only help you see in hard-to-reach places, but also help spot dirt and pet hair that’s hard to see with natural or overhead lighting.  Based on the positive feedback this feature has proven to be a useful upgrade from the original VACMOP which didn’t have any headlights. 

Shark VACMOP PRO LED Headlight Feature
Shark VACMOP PRO Magnetic Charger

VACMOP Pro Performance Review 

Aside from the magnetic charger and headlights, the VACMOP and VACMOP Pro are the same machine.  Below we provide insight into how the VACMOP Pro performs in categories such as suction and dirt collection and functionality.  We also highlight its pros and cons.  If you’re considering purchasing a VACMOP Pro for your home, the information below will help you determine if this is the correct machine for your needs. 

Suction and Dirt Collection

The VACMOP Pro is designed to clean sealed, hard surface flooring. The vacuum feature and spray mop both use the same disposable pad.  The pad has a built-in dirt chamber to collect dry messes sucked up by the vacuum.  The bottom portion of the pad absorbs wet messes and cleans your floors when spraying the cleaning solution.  Pads can be used multiple times before replacing, but this depends on the type of messes you’re cleaning and personal preference.  When you decide it’s time to change the cleaning pad, there is a pad release button on the side of the mop head that will release the pad into the trash so you don’t have to touch it. 

In terms of performance, the vacuum suction works great for picking up dust, pet hair, and small pieces of debris.  However, based on many reviews, it struggles to pick up larger sized or heavier pieces of debris.  For the VACMOP Pro to work as intended, you have to use the Shark disposable pads.  They are specifically designed to collect dry messes and soak up wet messes and currently there is no reusable pad option available.  This can become pricey depending on how often you change the pad which typically depends on the type of messes you are cleaning.  The pad has a limit on the amount of liquid it can absorb, so if you’re cleaning larger wet messes expect to change the pad after each cleaning.  Also, the dirt collection chamber isn’t very large and can fill up quickly; however, if your picking of pieces of debris, we’ve found that you can empty the dirt chamber into the trash can, much like a dust pan.  This would allow you to get a longer use out of the pad.  For dust and pet hair collection, this may be harder to do. 

VACMOP Pro vacuum and spray mop all in one
Shark VACMOP Pro Disposable Pad Mops and Vacuums


Shark’s VACMOP Pro is lightweight and cordless which makes it easy to maneuver and carry from room to room.  It takes about 3 hours for the VACMOP Pro to fully charge.  On average each charge will allow between 10 to 15 minutes of cleaning time.  The more you use the vacuum feature the faster the battery will drain.  There is an LED indicator light on the front of the machine that warns you when the battery gets low.  It is solid green when the VACMOP is fully charged.  Blinking green means the battery is getting low and blinking red means the battery is very low.  When the battery is dead, you will see a rapid blinking red light. 

The vacuum and spray controls are located on the handle which makes them easy to use.  The vacuum control is a squeeze trigger on the bottom of the handle that you must continuously hold to use the vacuum.  The spray button is on top of the handle.  You press it down to spray cleaning solution.  You have to be careful not to push the spray button when holding in the vacuum trigger since they are on top of each other.  The cleaning solution is held in a build-in reservoir.  It’s easy to fill and based on the design you can chose to use the Shark brand floor cleaner or your own cleaner mix.  Just note, using your own cleaning mix or another off brand may save you money, but it will also void the warranty on your machine. 

Shark VAPMOP Handle with controls
Shark VACMOP Pro Handle Control Buttons

Pros and Cons of the VACMOP Pro

The Shark VACMOP Pro is one of the only spray mops with the added feature of a vacuum.  It’s hard to find another machine like it on the market today.  Based on our research of product and customer reviews the leading pros and cons of the VACMOP Pro are:

  • It’s light weight and doesn’t take up much room
  • No touch pad release: Never have to touch the mess
  • Shuts off when fully charged
  • Built in Reservoir for cleaning solution
  • Great for spot cleaning and cleaning between deep cleans
  • LED Headlights and magnetic charger (VACMOP Pro)
    • Doesn’t always pick up large/heavy debris
    • Added expense of purchasing disposable pads
    • Battery life only lasts 10-15 min (3hrs to fully recharge)
    • Dirt chamber is small and fills up quickly
    • Must have a disposable pad connected even when just vacuuming
    • Not for deep cleaning
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    The Shark VACMOP Pro

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    How To Use The Shark VACMOP Pro


    The Shark VACMOP and VACMOP Pro are very similar machines.  The VACMOP Pro is the newest model, replacing the original VACMOP, and features two upgrades, the LED headlights and magnetic charger.  These additional features have gained positive feedback and have made the VACMOP Pro even more convenient to use.  Compared to other, larger wet/dry vacs on the market, the VACMOP Pro is reasonably priced, especially for a two-in-one cordless machine.  However, you do have to take into account the added cost of the disposable pads which will drive up the price over time.

    The VACMOP Pro is lightweight, cordless, easy to use, and receives positive customer reviews.  If you’re looking for something to spot clean small to medium messes and/or do light cleaning this machine is right for you.  It will save you time and be a welcome addition to your cleaning closet.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to deep clean your floors or handle larger messes, the VACMOP may not live up to your expectations.  For those needs, we would recommend looking at slightly larger machines such as the Bissell CrossWave.  You can learn more about how the VACMOP compares to larger wet/dry vacs in our Bissell CrossWave vs Shark VACMOP comparison.

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