Best Stackable Tool Boxes (Portable & Rolling)

Tools are heavy and hard to move around, but you never want to be caught on the jobsite without the one you need.  The only solution for this is to take everything with you, but that’s a real pain in the butt.  That is unless you have the best stackable tool box money can buy!

Using a portable, rolling tool system that’s made with stackable toolboxes means you nothing needs to be left at home.  These tool boxes are heavy duty and made to haul some S#!^.  The best ones even come apart so you can walk around with just the tools you need once you get on-site.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite stackable tool boxes below.  Check ’em out, look through the specs and read our reviews.  We did our homework and make sure to pick only tool boxes that stand the test of time and previous users have said overwhelmingly  that they’re happy with.  We all know that construction sites, maintenance shops, and garages are rough and tough places and JUNK WON’T HOLD UP… SO BUY GOOD STUFF!

construction worker using stackable tool box on jobsite

Milwaukee Packout Rolling Stackable Tool Box

✔ Includes 3 separate stackable tool boxes
✔ Heavy duty w/ steel reinforced corners 
✔ Holds up to 250lbs
✔ Weather sealed w/ rubber gaskets

Milwaukee Packout Review:

Milwaukee has hit it out of the park with their Packout product.  It is far and away the best of the stackable tool boxes available for sale.  This system is very heavy duty and durable.  It’s capable of moving a 250lb load and is metal-reinforced for rigidity and strength.

We love that the individual tool boxes can be removed, locked (rings also reinforced with metal), and stacked differently if desired.  It’s also modular, so you can add other Packout organizers and tool boxes.  This is the perfect all-around portable, rolling tool box, and definitely deserves a look if you’re in the market for one.

DEWALT TSTAK Stackable Tool Boxes (DWST17820)

✔ Only comes with one tool box and you buy more to customize
✔ Several options to customize
✔ Rugged construction

Dewalt TSTAK Review:

We really like DEWALT stuff, and the TSTAK product line make great stackable tool boxes.  BUT… It can be tedious to put together a good set of tool boxes.  On the other hand, it does make it easy to pick just the boxes you’ll actually need and customize it to your needs, so that’s good.

To help guide you a bit, you’ll need to go to the main TSTAK product page and add one of them to the cart, then go back and select the other TSTAK options until you find all that you need.  The good news is that many of them are listed as options on this main product page.  You can also find all of the options by doing a search for Dewalt TSTAK at Amazon.

Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest 

✔ You get 3 different tool boxes in on package
✔ Rugged combination of steel and injection molded polymer
✔ Tool boxes can be removed and used separately

Stalwart Portable Tool Chest Review:

What’s the best thing about this stackable/portable rolling tool box you ask?  It’s made of steel!!!  You just don’t find that much anymore in this world of plastic-everything.  Yes, there’s still plastic parts too… so boo!

In any case, this is a good set of stackable tool boxes that really aren’t that expensive for what you’re getting.  When you click on the “check price” button to see more about this tool box and check out the price, make sure to read some of the amazing reviews about this product by Stalwart.  Previous buyers really do seem to like this tool chest, and they like telling you about it.

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart

✔ Made w/ high impact resin (heavy duty construction)
✔ Tons of storage space for your tools and fasteners
✔ Lockable tool boxes

RIDGID Tool Storage Cart Review:

This is another great set of stackable tool boxes.  However, we did notice during our research that the pricing fluctuates on this system, and it’s often out of stock.  While we love the tool boxes and the overall appearance it has, we recommend it only when the price is under $225 for the best deal.

Another great feature of this set of portable tool boxes is the modularity.  Like other systems, you can add or remove some of the pieces to customize your use and take on the amount of storage with you that you need.  This is indeed handy when you travel to a variety of job sites and don’t always need the same stuff everyday.

Stanley Modular Rolling Workshop

✔ Modular design allows for customizing your storage options
✔ Tons of storage space for your tools and fasteners
✔ Can even hold levels and longer items in back area

Stanley Modular Workshop Review:

There are 2 things we love about Stanley’s modular rolling toolbox.  First, there are lots and lots of storage boxes so you can fit everything you have at once.  Second, everything here is modular, so similar to the Milwaukee Packout above, this product from Stanley can be modified to better fit your needs by adjusting the different tool boxes.

While not as heavy-duty as the Packout, it is pretty rugged and will get the job done on most job-sites.  It does have large 7″ wheels and a telescoping aluminum handle for easy maneuverability.

DEWALT Rolling Tool Box (DWST20880)

✔ Easy to pull / Metal handle
✔ Ball bearing slides for easy opening
✔ More rugged and heavy duty than it looks

DEWALT Rolling Tool Box Review:

This is technically a stackable tool box that has 3 levels of storage that rolls and is portable.  It’s also priced very well and is super-affordable compared to some others on this list… thus we’ve claimed it as our “best value” pick on the list.  The down side?  Well, it’s not modular.  You cannot remove the tool boxes and you cannot move them around or customize the system at all.  See a picture of this tool box when opened.

Is that a big deal?  Probably not, but only you know how you’re going to use your tool boxes.  I personally like the modularity, but then again, I use that feature.  If this setup works for you, you cannot beat the price and the ruggedness of this rolling tool box setup.  It is a great value for your money!

Which are the Best Stackable Tool Boxes?

Let’s face it, if you want good tool boxes, they aren’t cheap.  If you’ve been around the block, you already know that it doesn’t pay to buy junk and take it to the jobsite.  It just won’t stand up to the abuse!  

So, we’re looking for a good, strong, tough product that’s built rugged enough to stand up to anything.  We’ve done our homework and researched all the best stacking tool box systems out there, and one shines above the rest.

Our Top Pick:  Milwaukee Packout Stackable Tool Boxes

Milwaukee Packout - best stackable tool boxes
For our top pick, we chose the Milwaukee Packout Stackable Tool Boxes.  It’s the most robust modular tool box system available and we’re happy to have it at the top of our list.  We typically have a relatively tough time choosing which product gets the top rating.  This time around it actually seemed like an easy choice.  While it’s not the cheapest option, it is certainly the best pick.

Not only is the basic set shown above awesome, but you can customize your stack with other Packout products to make it your own!

YouTube video

Our “Next” Pick:  Dewalt TSTAK Stacking Toolboxes

Dewalt TSTAK tool box system

Dewalt’s TSTAK product line is a similar, yet less expensive version of Milwaukee’s Packout system.  It’s not quite as rugged and has some features that aren’t quite as nice.  However, we know there are tons of folks out there that swear by DEWALT-brand products.  There are also those that think a box is a box.  If this is you, save the $$$ and buy this system.  

YouTube video

Stackable Tool Box Takeaway

Clearly there are many options when it comes to good stackable tool boxes.  Most that we rated and reviewed above are portable tool boxes that roll around freely.  They carry lots of tools, fasteners, and anything else you need at the job-site.  As a quick summary, when trying to choose which best fits your tool box needs, keep the following in mind…

  • Durability:  Is it rugged?  What materials are used (especially in the fasteners)?
  • Modularity: Is it customizable?  Can tool boxes be removed?
  • Customer Reviews: Do current users love it, hate it, or wish they bought something different?
  • Price:  Your budget depends on how you’ll be using it and what you’re willing to spend.

 These will give you a good start towards choosing the best stackable tool box you.  

We think that the Milwaukee Packout is the superior product in this market.  You read all about the durability and its ability to be customized above.  In addition, current customers love it!  Just check any of the customer product reviews at any of the online retailers.  It will quickly be clear that you can’t go wrong on there.  Depending on your budget, you may find the Packout product line a bit pricey. 

This is where you’ll have to weigh out the price versus what you’ll be using it for.  If it’s your daily tool box and you use it for your profession, we strongly recommend considering this product.  

If this is for a hobby and you don’t use it day in and day out, you can probably consider saving a few bucks and going with the Dewalt TSTAK product line.  It’s adequate for most jobs and still pretty rugged.  

Still too expensive?  Just need it once in a while? Check out our budget pick above for the ultimate value!