Top 10 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

Fishing kayaks are a great way for anglers to access awesome fishing spots they might not otherwise be able to get to with a larger boat.  This may be because of the size of the vessel or even due to restrictions on a lake against motors.

Furthermore, the best fishing kayaks are easily accessible to new anglers that maybe don’t have enough money to buy a new boat, or just aren’t quite ready to invest that much into the sport.  As the title here states, many top kayaks suitable for fishing can be had for under $1000.  Good luck finding a brand new boat for under $1000!

There’s just something about being out on the water, just you and your kayak.  No motor, no noise, and being one with nature…relaxing and fishing.  If you’ve never tried it before, you’re really missing out.  

best fishing kayak under 1000
Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 - Vibe Yellowfin 100

VIBE Yellowfin 100 – 10ft Angler / Fishing Kayak

✔ Waterproof Cargo Hatches
✔ Lightweight – 57 lbs
Comfortable Frame Seat Included
✔ Paddle Included
✔ Rod Holders & Fish Finder Mount
✔ Load Capacity – 375 lbs
✔ Stable – Tracks Smoothly on Most Water Conditions
✔ Perfect for Beginners or Experience Riders


Best Fishing Kayak Under 800 - BKC TK219

BKC TK219 – 12.2ft Tandem Fishing Kayak

✔ (2) Waterproof Storage Hatches
✔ Built-in Rod Holders
✔ (2) Padded Seats and Paddles Included
✔ Up to 3 Riders 
✔ Max Load – 440 lbs
✔ Very Stable – 34-inch beam


Best Fishing Kayak Under 600 - Vibe Skipjack 90

VIBE Skipjack 90 – 9ft Fishing Kayak w/ Padde & Seat

✔ Built-in Ergonomic Backrest & Cushion
Ultra-Lightweight – only 42 lbs
✔ Small Size – Easy to Grab-and-Go
✔ Quick in the Water 
✔ Load Capacity – 300 lbs
✔ Skipjack Also Comes in 12ft Tandem fishing kayak – See Amazon Listing


Tandem Fishing Kayak - Driftsun Teton 120

Driftsun Teton 120 – 12ft 2-3 Person Tandem Kayak

✔ Rear Tankwell Storage
✔ Tough & Rugged Design
✔ Can Accommodate 2 paddlers + a Child 
500 lb Weight Capacity
✔ (4) Easy Cary Handles
✔ (2) Adjustable EVA High Back Padded Seats
✔ (2) High Performance (Anodized Aluminum) Paddles Included


Best Fishing Kayak under 400 - Lifetime Tamarack

Lifetime Tamarack – 10ft Angler Kayak

✔ Inexpensive / Good Starter Kayak
✔ Multiple Footrest Positions
✔ (2) Flush Mounted & (1) Top-Mount Rod Holders
✔ Weighs 52 lbs, Capacity 275 lbs
✔ (2) Storage Compartments
✔ 5 Year Limited Warranty


Best Fishing Kayak for Big Guys - Vibe Sea Ghost 110

VIBE Sea Ghost 110 Kayak – 11ft Kayak for Fishing

✔ 1-Person Sit on Top Fishing Kayak
✔ Toe-Controlled Rubber System for Energy Savings
✔ Tons of Storage & Magnetic Tackle Tray
✔ Superior Comfort – Dual Position Vibe HERO Seat
✔ Best in Class Stability – Perfect for Sitting or Standing
✔ 425 lb Load Capacity


Elkton Tandem Fishing Kayak

Elkton Tandem Fishing Kayak – 12.2ft 

✔ Very Durable – Rotomold Body
✔ Includes Everything – Paddles, Seats, Rod Holders, Bungees
✔ 12.2′ x 36″ – Large Enough for (2) People & Gear
✔ Paddle Holders
✔ Scupper Plugs
✔ 650 lb Load Capacity


BKC TK122 - Fishing Kayak under 1000

BKC TK122 – 12.9ft Tandem Fishing Kayak

✔ (2) Aluminum Framed Mesh Seats
✔ Two Paddlers Can Carry Kayak w/ Ease
✔ Paddle Keepers 
✔ Water-Tight Storage On Board
✔ Upright Aluminum Frame – Supports 770 lbs
✔ Can Mount Up to 36 lb Thrust Trolling Motor (mount & motor sold separately)


Perception Pescador Pro Kayak for Fishing under 800

Perception Pescador Pro – 12ft Kayak for Fishing

✔ 2-Level Seat Adjustment
✔ Integrated Accessory Rails for Rod Holders/Fish Finders
✔ Designed, Molded, and Assembled in the USA
✔ Removeable Pro Seat Doubles as a Camp Chair
✔ Skid Plate Allows for Dragging Kayak w/o Damage
✔ 325 lb Load Capacity


BKC RA220 Single Fishing Kayak

BKC RA220 – 11.6ft Single Fishing Kayak

✔ Good Beginner Fishing Kayak
✔ Lots of Storage – Holds Plenty of Gear
✔ Tons of Storage & Magnetic Tackle Tray
✔ Foot-Operated Rudder for Steering Through Chop
✔ 34-inch Beam – Good Stability for Single Sit-on-Top Kayak
✔ 68 lb Kayak holds 450 lb Capacity


More About the Best Fishing Kayak Under $1000

If you’ve been looking for a fishing kayak for any amount of time already, you realize there are lots of options.  In fact, despite all the bright colors and different camo patterns, their designs all kind of look the same to us.  It’s the features and benefits that make many of them different, and what sets apart our top pick for the best fishing kayak under $1000.

Our Top Pick: VIBE Yellowfin 100 Fishing Kayak

Yellowfin 100 Fishing Kayak

Colors Available:

Green Moss Camo - Vibe Yellowfin 100
Jam Berry - Vibe Yellowfin 100
Wildfire Orange - Vibe Yellowfin 100

The YellowFin 100 by VIBE is the ultimate “throw and go” fishing kayak.  From beginner to top anglers, this kayak is stable, compact, and versatile.  It’s perfect for rivers, creeks, and lakes.  And, it has plenty of dry storage, flush mount rod holders, and top-rail mounts for things like fish finders.

VIBE stands behind their kayaks with a limited lifetime warranty, so there’s no reason to worry it won’t last.

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Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide

You probably don’t buy new fishing kayaks all the time, so we put this buyers guide together to help identify the features to keep any out for and to consider when making a purchase.  With all the options available, it’s important to understand what to focus on and what’s just marketing tactics.  

Most of the time with kayaks for fishing, anglers desire a couple things, something they call a “throw & go” kayak and something that has all the storage options, is versatile on the water, and can carry all their gear.

In order to understand what specific features give you the benefits you’re looking for, we’ve put together the following selection criteria.  

Our Proprietary Ranking System Takes The Following Factors Into Consideration


Features Included

Stability & Balance

Customer Satsifaction

Feedback/ Reviews

Storage for Gear

Price Point

Following these guidelines will help ensure you don’t overlook anything, and that you’re finding something that works best for you.  This might not be the same fishing kayak for every angler out there!  

What to Look For in Fishing Kayaks under $1000

When you’re looking to buy a new fishing kayak, there are a few things to keep in mind.  This is the section of the buyers guide where we’ll list out which we think are most important to focus on first.  

Unless you have some special circumstances, these will be somewhat universal to everything in the market for such a kayak.  This particular article also assumes that we’re talking about fishing kayaks in the price range of under $1000, and not some of the very high-end professional fishing kayaks that cost thousands of dollars. 

Fishing Kayak Reviews Image

Where Are You Going to Use It?

Depending on where you’ll be fishing in your “yak”, you may find that you want a different size.  For instance, for most streams, rivers, and lakes, you probably just want something that is more compact and versatile.  By this, we mean that you can take it into tight areas, hug the shoreline, etc.  This also typically makes it lighter weight and easier to throw and go whenever you feel the urge to quickly get out and fish for a bit.  This is so much easier to do with a compact yak than it is with a boat…or even a longer, heavier kayak that would require someone’s help getting it loaded and unloaded. 

tandem fishing kayak under 1000

Single vs Tandem Fishing Kayak

Of course, in some cases you’ll want to need someone’s help carrying your yak.  By opting for a tandem fishing kayak, you can share the fun and enjoyment with someone you love or enjoy spending time with. 

Tandem kayaks are often much less expensive than buying a pair of more compact ones.  It also helps give you some additional control by having a longer kayak, but you lose the versatility of being in something compact that can easily fit wherever you want to go.  Some like the extra space for extra fishing gear.  There is a trade-off for sure, but this is as important of a decision as you can make prior to picking out your new fishing yak.  

Reviews / Feedback from Experienced Paddlers

This really should be a consideration during all larger purchases we make these days.  The internet is full of sites like this one that provide you with valuable insight into the best products to buy.  Similarly, customer reviews and feedback at the point of purchase are so important to your success.  We always encourage any consumer to make sure they are buying a product that has at lease a few pieces of feedback, and more importantly, something that is overwhelmingly positive.  This is free information that should help you avoid purchasing poorly made products that have ongoing issues across multiple users.


Anytime most of us spend more than a couple hundred bucks on something, we give pause and evaluate what we can afford to spend on this purchase, or at least what we think we should spend.  There’s no reason a fishing kayak wouldn’t be any different.  In fact, it might pertain more to this purchase than others considering the gap between the lower end and higher end of price points on our list that range from roughly $350-$1000. 

As the title states, we capped our list to only the best fishing kayaks under $1000, but that didn’t stop us from finding a few budget picks that make sense to consider too.  There are fewer bells and whistles in these models, but they’re perfectly fine for beginners to the sport.  

Man Fishing in a Kayak


Kayak fishing is such a fun sport!  Now that we’ve relieved your stress of trying to figure out which kayak to buy, it’s time to get it ordered, and to get yourself and your gear ready for your first adventure!

Fishing in a kayak is quite an experience and can provide you with some much needed “me” time while on the water.  Not to mention for less than a $1000, you can get fishing on the water just about anywhere!  This is perfect for beginners or anyone that doesn’t have the money or space for storing a boat. 

As mentioned above, our favorite fishing kayak was the VIBE YellowFin 100 due to its compact size, versatility, and stability. 

If you find you can’t afford this awesome yak, or just don’t want to spend that much, consider our “Best Value” option, the Lifetime Tamarack.