BestReviewPros ranks and reviews bowling balls in different categories below.  There is not one “best bowling ball” because we call have a slightly different style and ball weight preference.  Choose the style that best fits you and find out more about what makes a good bowling ball for you.

We also cover some general knowledge about bowling as a sport, ranging in topics that are important to beginners and experts alike.  Check below for our latest blog posts on everything bowling-related.

Whether you’re a beginner, bowler that likes to roll straight balls, or just needs a new ball for attempting spares, this is list will help you narrow down your best options.


More advanced bowlers often like to throw balls that hook in order to get more pin action.  This list of balls has the coverstock and attributes to assist your play in getting a good hook action on the ball. 

Check out this post to make sure you know the common terms and phrases used at bowling alleys before you attend your next league night.