Best Flatbed Scanners For Windows 10

Flatbed scanners can be extremely useful in several situations, including sending copies of papers you have to someone far away or electronically saving copies of your old family photos.  But ever since Windows 10 has come out, some of the older technology scanners haven’t kept up or can be very difficult to connect to newer computers.  It’s a bummer, but it’s the facts.  To combat any future issues, we’ve populated the list below to share with you the best flatbed scanners for Windows 10 in one place.  No more searching and no more guessing which will work for your computer.

Epson Perfection V600 Flatbed Scanner

Epson Perfection V600 Flatbed Scanner

✔ Good For: Color Photos, Film, Negatives, Documents
✔ Scan, Copy, Scan to Email/PDF
✔ OCR Reader
✔ 6400 x 9600 dpi Resolution
✔ Built-in Transparency Unit

✔ One-Touch Easy Photo Fix


Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner

Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner

✔ Automatically Upload to Cloud Services
✔ 1-Touch Scan/Copy/PDF
✔ Scan Multiple Photos at Once
✔ 6400 x 9600 dpi Resolution
✔ Built-in Transparency Unit

✔ One-Touch Easy Photo Fix


Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner

Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner

✔ Automatic Scratch & Dust Removal
✔ Zero Warm-up Time
✔ Film/Slide Holder Included
✔ Buttons May Not Work with Windows 10 / Software Controls Scanner
✔ Older Technology But Does Nice Job


Epson Perfection V370 Flatbed Document Scanner

Epson Perfection V370 Document Scanner

✔ Scan-to-Cloud
✔ 4800×9600 dpi Optical Resolution
✔ Built-In Transparency Unit
✔ Ready Scan LED – No Warm-up Time
✔ High Rise Lid For Large Items


Canon CanoScan Lide 120 Color Image Scanner

Canon LiDE120 Color Image Scanner

✔ Scan-to-Cloud
✔ 2400×4800 dpi Resolution
✔ High-Speed 16 Second Scans
✔ Advanced Z-Lid Expansion Top For Large Items
✔ Auto Scan Mode Recognizes File Type


HP ScanJet Pro 2500 OCR Scanner

HP ScanJet Pro 2500 F1 OCR Scanner

✔ Fast Scanning: Up To 20 Pages/Min
✔ Does Not Work for Large Items
✔ Load Up To 50 Pages at Once
✔ Energy Star Certified (Auto-Off Technology)


Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner

Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner 1180

✔ Best Large Flatbed Scanner (A3 Size)
✔ Fast Scan (A3 Color: 15s, A3 Grayscale: 9s)
✔ No Warm-up LED Source
✔ Relatively Expensive 


Our Proprietary Ranking System Takes The Following Factors Into Consideration


Features Included

Customer Satsifaction

Innovative Technology

Photos & Negatives

Feedback/ Reviews

Price Point

Flatbed Scanners Buying Guide

Let’s face it, you need to scan documents, photos, and other things from time to time.  If you do it infrequently, perhaps you can get away with just snapping pictures with your cell phone.  Or worst case, you could run to the nearest office supply store and have them scan something in and send it to your email.  But, that’s expensive, so if you do that more than a couple times, it would probably be more cost effective to just buy a scanner for yourself. And if you’re in an office environment, there’s no question, you’ll definitely need a flatbed scanner at some point in time, and more than likely it’ll need to be a Windows 10 flatbed scanner.

What to Look For in Windows 10 Flatbed Scanners

When you’re searching for the best flatbed scanner that is compatible with Windows 10, you’ll want to consider several things, depending on what you’ll be primarily using it for.  Clearly you don’t need the most expensive, high-end photo scanner if you’re only going to scan paper documents to send to clients in email.

Besides just knowing how you’ll use a scanner, it’s important to also consider things like features, its purchase price, and also what kind of feedback actual customers have offered after using the item for a while.  These will all help you to identify the best scanner for your particular needs.  

Windows 10 Flatbed Scanner


Probably the first thing you should think about when purchasing a Windows 10 flatbed scanner is to identify why you need one in the first place.  Will you be using it to send documents, upload old family photos, or to scan negatives.  Each flatbed scanner has strengths and weakness and understanding this is key.   

Customer Feedback / Reviews

Since we now purchase most items online now, especially electronics that are so much cheaper that way, we’ve found new ways to identify which are better than the rest.  In the past, we would go to a retail store and spend lots of time asking around about products, and perhaps even try one depending on what the item was.  

In the 21st Century, we look at feedback from actual customers that have given us insight into their purchase and whether they were happy or disappointed with the product and/or service.  Similarly, we read product reviews not unlike those found on this exact page in order to get a feel for which items we should check out and read customer feedback for.  

Flatbed Film Scanning Using Windows 10


You’ve probably noticed that some scanners are labeled as “quick scan” and others have higher resolutions.  Digging through the different feature sets will help you identify what’s important for your use case which you care about paying a littel extra for.  

Some other common features in flatbed scanners that are compatible with Windows 10 would include OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, a film and/or slide holder, an expandable lid for scanning larger items like books, and having the ability to scan directly from the scanner to cloud services.



When you compare flatbed scanners widely range in price.  It’s common that they are between $150-$250 for more basic units and go up to $800-$1000 for very high-end photo and film scanners.  If you’re running to the office store to get scans done often, you probably already know what you’re willing to spend, or at least what makes sense to spend so you can stop going!  

Unless you need special provisions for higher resolution or some other feature that we’ve not listed, you can comfortably select a top flatbed scanner off our list above not spend the really big bucks on the best photo flatbed scanners.

Home Office


If you were willing to spend the time reading our flatbed scanner reviews and checking out our guide, you’re probably wondering why you didnt’ just buy your own scanner years ago.  The great news is that you still can and it’s easier to connect to Windows 10 than it ever has been before.  If you’re unsure of the process once your scanner arrives, you can always check the manufacturer’s website, typically under the “Support” tab (i.e. Epson, Canon, HP) to get detailed instructions on how to connect on your Windows 10 compatible scanner. 

When it comes to your selection, we highly recommend the Epson Perfection V600.  It should take care of all of your needs and not break the bank.  It’s full of features for everyone whether you’re scanning photos, negatives, or just documents.