Garage Door Openers

Read our full, comprehensive review on Chamberlain’s B970 belt drive garage door opener.  It’s one of the more popular belt drives around and includes the capabilities of connecting WIFI to it so it can be controlled remotely. 

These are 2 inexpensive Chamberlain-branded belt drive garage door openers, but are they any good?  We do the comparing and contrasting to pit them against each other and find out which is best.  Our findings might surprise you!

As Chamberlain’s lower-end belt drive garage door opener, the B550 obviously has some good pedigree, but is it really any good?  We rate and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly in our Chamberlain B550 Review.

Genie has been around for many years making garage door openers and standing behind their garage door openers.  The StealthDrive 750 is one of their flagship products, utilizing a quiet belt drive.  Check our our review to see if it’s any good.

There seems to be many questions about these two direct drive garage door openers and much confusion about the difference between the them.  In this post, we clear up the confusion and tell you which to buy and why.

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We’ve researched and acummulated the best garage door opener and smart garage hub deals this holiday deal season.  Check them out on our page dedicated to saving you and your family money!