Chamberlain B550 Review

Chamberlain B550 Review

Welcome to our Chamberlain B550 review!  The B550 is a 1/2 horse power belt drive garage door opener, sized for smaller single car garage doors up to 7 feet tall.  As you may already know, these belt drives from Chamberlain are ultra-quiet and have a very smooth motion.  We think they’re a great solution for any home’s garage door, especially for attached garages where the noise of a chain drive opener would be intrusive for the occupants.  

Chamberlain B970

The Chamberlain B550 is an inexpensive version of the Chamberlain belt drive openers, and priced as such.  It’s basically the 1/2 HP version of the Chamberlain B750 (1-1/4 HP).  It comes complete with (2) remotes, safety sensors, keyless entry, and a wall control module.  

The belt on the Chamberlain B550 is steel reinforced, but as one of the lower-end options, it only carries a 10 year warranty on the motor, 15 years on the belt, and 1 year on parts and service.  I say “only” because some of their mid-range options, including the B970 model, are only priced a little higher and they carry a limited lifetime warranty on belt/motor and 5 years on parts, among other features.  

Chamberlain B550 Specifications

  • Size: 1-1/4 HP (Equivalent)
  • Drive: Belt Drive
  • Remotes: (2) 3-button remotes
  • Keyless Entry: Yes
  • WIFI: Yes
  • Smartphone Controls: Yes
  • Battery Backup: No
  • Encryption:  Security+ 2.0
  • Chamberlain B550 Manual

Chamberlain B550 Features

There are not a lot of extra features built-into the B550 as it’s a basic, no-frills model.  While there is no battery back up on this model, it does have built-in WIFI and the ability to control the opener from your smartphone.  In addition, it’s super quiet with the belt drive and easy to install with the helpful online videos that Chamberlain offers.

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Ultra-Quiet Strong Belt Drive

One of our favorite features on the Chamberlain B550 is it’s belt drive system.  The steel reinforced belt is perfect the smooth, quiet operation of your family’s garage door.  It’s also easy to install.  Make sure you check out the videos that Chamberlain provides as assistance on YouTube.

Built-in WIFI / Smartphone Controls

The B550 can easily connect to your home’s WIFI and to your mobile devices via the MyQ smartphone application.  With the MyQ app, you can receive alerts and schedule the closing of your garage door.  In addition, the capability of setting up “Key by Amazon” is there for secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages.

Chamberlain MyQ App

B550 Promotional Video

YouTube video

Our Conclusion

If you’re just looking for a low-cost, single car garage door opener that is quiet and connects to WIFI so you can open and close it from your iPhone or get notifications, this is the perfect option.  If you need something for a 2-car garage door or want more features, we recommend you looking at our Chamberlain B970 review.  The B970 will give you 2-1/2 times as much power, battery backup, and more.

 Chamberlain B550 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain B550 is a great option for a basic solution that adds some capabilities for smart home integration.  It’s inexpensive, quiet, and well liked by those who’ve purchased it and reviewed it online.