Best Vacuum Sealer For Hunters & Wild Game

The best way for hunters to keep all of the meat fresh is to vacuum seal it as soon as it’s processed.  If done properly, this will extend the shelf life of the meat by as much as 3-5 times longer!  You really can’t afford to not do this if you’re hunter that keeps and freezes their wild game.

All to often, we hear about hunters pulling out meat from their last hunt only to find out that the meat now has freezer burn and it’s been ruined.  I think we’d all agree that the meat from your hunts is special, and in many cases, essential for your family.  Think about how much meat you’d have to go out and buy to replace it.  How much would that cost?

We’ve compiled a list of the best vacuum sealers for hunters below.  These products are made with you and your wild game in mind.  Check them out and make sure you lose your next catch to the freezer.

hunters wild game being vacuum sealed
FoodSaver GM710 GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver GM710 Game Saver Sealer

✔ Convenient Grab & Go Design
✔ Rugged (Field or Kitchen Use)
✔ 12-volt DC Adaptor 
✔ Lightweight & PortableLightweight & Portable

Can Do 80 Consecutive Seals!!!
✔ Non-Slip Buttons


Avid Armor Chamber Vacuum Sealer USV20

Avid Armor Chamber Vacuum Sealer USV20

✔ Chamber Sealing
✔ Professional-Style Vacuum Packaging
✔ Clear Viewing Glass Lid
✔ No Maintenance Required
✔ Heavy Duty Construction
✔ One Touch Auto Vac & Seal


Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Hunters

Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Vacuum Sealer

✔ High-Performance Commercial Sealer
✔ Seals Through Moisture – Perfect for Wild Game
✔ Seals Variety of Bag Sizes Up to 15″
Designed For Continuous Use
✔ Fast Operation w/ Double Piston Pump


Avid A100 Vacuum Sealer Review

Avid Armor A100 Commercial Vacuum Sealer

✔ Heavy-Duty Commercial Sealer
✔ Accessory & Maintenance Kit Included
✔ 12″ Long Sealing Bar
Impulse Bag Sealer Mode
✔ Pulse Function Prevents Crushing Food


best vacuum sealer for hunters - foodsaver v4400

Food Saver V4400 Vacuum Sealer

✔ Automatic Bag Detection
✔ Easy To Use
Built-in Roll Storage & Cutter
✔ Fully Automatic Operation
✔ 2-in-1 Retractable Handheld Sealer 
✔ 5 Year Warranty


Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Precision Vacuum Sealer

Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Precision Vacuum Sealer

✔ Small/Portable Machine
✔ Easy To Use
✔ Budget-Friendly Vacuum Sealer
✔ 10 Pre-Cut Bags Included
✔ 5 Year Warranty


Mueller Vacuum Sealer Review

Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine

✔ Easy To Use / Fully Automatic
✔ Accessory & Maintenance Kit Included
✔ Dual Sealing Modes
Extremely Popular Among Consumers
✔ Includes Extra Sealer Bags & Suction Hose


How To Choose The Best Vacuum Sealer For Hunters & Wild Game

As we mentioned at the outset, hunters have a slightly different use-case than the normal household for a vacuum sealer machine.  First, hunters only use a vacuum sealer on occasion, but when they do, they use the heck out of it all at once.  The best answer for this would be to invest in a commercial vacuum sealer like our “premium pick” above.  These machines are made to run all the time.  They’re made with heavy-duty construction, high-quality materials, and performance in mind.  The downside to all that is that they’re BIG & EXPENSIVE!

There are tons of cheap vacuum sealers on the market for $50-$100.  Will they do?  Most of these inexpensive sealing machines will leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Many of them are small and just made for 1 or 2 seals at a time.  Sealing tons of venison all at once would cripple, or even break, most of these vacuum sealers.  That’s a problem for hunters.

Best Vacuum Sealer For Hunters:  FoodSaver GM710

That’s where the GameSaver GM710 Food Preservation System comes in.  This vacuum sealer by FoodSaver was built with hunters in mind.  It can perform up to 80 consecutive seals without a cool down period.  To put that into perspective, the average vacuum sealer will need to shut down and cool after only 6-8 seals.  This is exactly what hunters need for preserving their wild game, fish, and other meats.  

Not only that, but this machine is ruggedly built, has a carry handle, and includes a 12v DC power adapter that allows hunters to use this in a car, side-by-side, or even boat with a 12-volt lighter port.

GameSaver GM710 - Best Vacuum Sealer for Hunters

Why Use a Vacuum Sealer At All?

Using a vacuum sealer is an easy way to divide up and extend the shelf-life and reduce freezer burn on your wild game.   It does this by removing all of the air from the package prior to sealing, thus removing the oxygen in the package and preserving the food.  This is a practice commonly done with meats, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and even liquids.  That makes a vacuum sealer the perfect tool for the following:

  • Deer, Moose, Elk Hunters
  • Anglers
  • Gardeners
  • Campers
  • … and more!

Shelf-Life of Vacuum Sealed Foods

Vacuum Sealed Food - Shelf Life chart

Vacuum Sealed Food Shelf Life Chart – Credit FoodSaver

FAQs on Vacuum Sealers

If you’ve not used a vacuum sealer in the past and don’t know much about them, it might be intimidating to try one.  We’ve searched the web for some of the most common questions around vacuum sealing for food preservation to try and help ease your fears.  It really is a quick and easy way to help you extend the shelf-life of food, prevent freezer burn, and actually save money!

Are Vacuum Sealers Worth the Money?

A vacuum sealer is definitely worth it, and there are several reason why.  For one, it allows you to buy food in bulk and break it down into smaller portions at home, thus saving you money!  This also works for things much larger like buying an entire side of beef at a time.  In addition, hunters and fishermen can preserve and extend the shelf-life of their catch or kill for years.

What Should I look for when buying a vacuum sealer?

When selecting a vacuum sealer you’ll want to consider how you’ll be using it.  If you’ll rarely use it, buy a cheap machine.  If you’re going to package entire deer every year, make sure you pick a good one from our list so it’ll last and peform the job.  Also keep in mind the cost of the bags.  You can find cheap rolls of vacuum sealer bags at Amazon, but make sure you read the reviews first if not buying the name brand.

Does vacuum sealing really work?

Yes, vacuum sealing foods is an amazing way to preserve food for extended periods of time.  It also has the side benefit of reducing freezer burn on foods in longer-term storge at freezing temperatures.

Vacuum Sealing Tips & Tricks For Hunters 

There are so many benefits hunters and anglers will notice when purchasing a vacuum sealer.  If you’re still not sure, or just want more info on how it all works, check out this great article on Vacuum Sealing 101 for Hunters by Avid Armor.