Bissell CrossWave vs Shark VACMOP

Bissell CrossWave vs Shark VACMOP

Which Wet Dry Vac Does A Better Job & Why?

When people hear “Wet/dry vacuum” many think of a vacuum that can pick up both dry and wet messes.   Though that is a main feature, today’s wet/dry vacuums have come a long way from the common “shop vac” many remember.  Now these all-in-one machines not only pick up dry and wet messes, but also wash your floors at the same time.  With hardwood flooring becoming the preferred choice for most homeowners, wet dry vacs provide a way for you to keep floors looking great with little hassle.  Combining the process of vacuuming and mopping you can clean your entire floor or spot clean messes in half the time. 

There are many wet/dry vacuums to choose from today.  Here we compare two of the most popular, Bissell CrossWave vs Shark VACMOP.  Both Bissell and Shark are well-known brands that make quality products.  We highlight the main features of each of their models and describe the similarities and differences so you can be confident you’re making the best decision for your cleaning needs.

Bissell CrossWave Wet Dry Vacuum 1785

Bissell CrossWave


Multi-Surface Cleaning:  Tile, Wood, Laminate, Linoleum, and Area Rugs

Vacuum & Wash: Yes

Cleaning Path Width: 12 in

Detachable Extension:  None

Product Weight:  11.5 lbs

Cord Length:  25 ft

Pet ModelCrossWave Pet Pro

Cordless Model:  CrossWave Cordless Max


Two Tank Technology

Vacuum and Wash Simaltaniously

Model No. 1785

Price:  Current Price

Shark VACMOP wet dry vacuum



Multi-Surface Cleaning:  Title, Wood, Laminate, Linoleum

Vacuum & Wash:  Yes

Cleaning Path Width:  9.81 in

Detachable Extension:  None

Product Weight:  3.34 lbs

Cord Length:  Cordless

Pet Model:  None

Cordless ModelShark VACMOP


No-Touch Disposable Mop Pad

Suction Spray Mopping

Model No. VM252

Price:  Current Price

Bissell CrossWave vs Shark VACMOP Review

Two of the most popular wet dry vacuums, the Bissell CrossWave and Shark VACMOP are designed to help you clean your floors in less time than it would take to sweep and mop separately.  If you have hard surface flooring in your home these vacuums are a game changer, especially if you also have children and/or pets.  We know everyone’s homes and cleaning needs are different.  That’s why, after researching these machines, we’ve outlined their similarities and differences below and provided some insight into their strengths and weaknesses.  Now you can use this information to make the correct purchase for your home and get the best value for your money.


Both the Bissell CrossWave and the Shark VACMOP combine vacuuming and mopping into a single process requiring only one machine.  Each has its own cleaning solution used to wash floors along with powerful suction to pick up dust and debris.  They are both relatively easy to clean.  The Bissell CrossWave includes a docking tray for quick cleanup and an easy to remove brush window, brush roll, and filter for more thorough cleaning.  The Shark VACMOP has a no-touch disposal button that allows you to easily remove the dirty cleaning pad.  It is also maintenance free with no filters that need to be cleaned or replaced.


There are quite a few noteworthy differences when it comes to comparing the Bissell CrossWave to the Shark VACMOP.  The Bissell CrossWave has a larger cleaning path, 12 inches compared to the Shark VACMOP’s 9.8 inches, which allows you to cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time.  The CrossWave is just over 11 pounds and, while it is the same height as the VACMOP, it has a larger base and storage tray.  The Shark VACMOP is a smaller machine, barely over 3 pounds, and will take up less room in your storage closet.

To give you a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses between these two wet/dry vacs, we’ve broken down the remaining differences across four categories; performance, dirt collection, mobility, and price.  Each of these is discussed in detail below.


The Bissell CrossWave has the ability to clean all hard floor surfaces, as well as area rugs.  It has a switch on the handle that allows you to easily change from hard surface mode to area rugs without needing to stop or turn off the machine.  The handle also has a trigger that’s used to control the amount of cleaning solution applied to the brush roll.  As the brush roll spins, it loosens stuck of messes and stains.  The water and debris are vacuumed up and deposited into a dirty storage tank.

The Shark VACMOP has the ability to clean all hard floor surfaces but cannot be used on any type of rugs.  This is due to the fact that instead of a brush roll, the VACMOP use disposable pads with built in dirt chambers to pick up debris and mop your floor.   There are two buttons on the handle of the VACMOP.  One for spraying solution, the other for turning on the vacuum suction.  The cleaning solution sprays directly on the floor in front of the mop and is then absorbed by the pad during cleaning.

CrossWave Handle Controls and Brush Roll
Shark VACMOP Handle Controls and Spray Mopping

Dirt Collection

As mentioned above, the Bissell CrossWave has a storage tank that collects all of the debris and dirty water it picks up.  A separate tank holds the clean water and cleaning solution to ensure that you’re always cleaning your floor with fresh water as opposed to just pushing around the mess.  The dirty water tank can hold up to 14.5 oz before it needs to be emptied.   

The Shark VACMOP uses disposable pads to pick up debris and absorb wet messes.  The disposable pads are easy to attach and remove; however, the dirt chamber is rather small and will fill up fast if you have a lot of debris to pick up.  The pad is also limited on the amount of liquid it can absorb before needing to be changed.  Therefore, you may find for large wet messes you will need to use multiple pads to absorb the mess and not just push it around on your floor.

Bissell CrossWave Dual Tank Technology Dirty and Clean Tank
Shark VACMOP Disposable Floor Pad


The Bissell CrossWave is not cordless, and though it has a lengthy 25 ft cord, you will need to deal with the cord as you clean and possibly move the plug as you go.  The CrossWave does have a cordless model, yet you will pay a bit more for that feature.  The Shark VACMOP is cordless and comes with an easy to attach magnetic charger.  The amount of time the battery charge will last depends on the amount of vacuuming you do.  If you’re continuously vacuuming, the battery will last up to approximately 13 minutes between charges.  No charge is needed to use the spray mop feature.


There is a large price difference when it comes to the Bissell CrossWave vs Shark VACMOP.  As with all products, prices can vary but the CrossWave on average will cost you roughly twice as much as the Shark VACMOP.  Though the VACMOP costs less, it also comes with the added expense of purchasing the disposable cleaning pads.  Depending on the size of the area and the type of messes you need to clean, this extra cost could add up rather quickly.

Another thing to remember is that both machines will have the additional cost of cleaning solution.  While you can use any multi-purpose cleaning solution in either machine, we recommend you use the Bissell Multi-purpose cleaner in the CrossWave and either the Shark Multi-purpose or Hardwood Cleaner in the VACMOP.  These cleaning solutions may cost a bit more, but they have great reviews so you definitely get what you pay for.  Using these solutions will also keep you from voiding your warranty if you are still in your warranty period.

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Bissell CrossWave

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The Bissell CrossWave and Shark VACMOP both get great reviews from consumers and have their own strengths and weakness.  However, in the end, we believe the CrossWave is the better wet/dry vacuum. This is based on its ability to apply cleaning solution directly to the brush roll and actually pick up the debris and dirty water/mess off your floor.  The design ensures that your always using new water, leaving your floors clean and streak free.  Bissell also makes a cordless and pet version of the CrossWave.  To learn more about these models, see our review of Best Wet Dry Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

The Shark VACMOP works as a spray mop, with the added feature of a vacuum that can suck debris into the disposable pad.  If you’re looking for a small, light-weight machine to spot clean minor messes, then the VACMOP may suit your needs.  However, if you looking for something to clean a larger area that has the ability to handle bigger messes, the CrossWave is the better option.

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