10 Best Oil Filled Space Heaters For Large Rooms

With winter upon us, it’s time to starting thinking about good ways to keep ourselves warm.  One of the most energy efficient ways to do this is with an oil filled space heater.  They’re great at quickly warming large rooms, they’re almost completely silent when compared to a ceramic heater, and many of them have energy saving features built-in, saving you money!

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re stuck out in the cold.  Now is the time to figure out what you need.  Below, we’ve compiled our list of the 10 best oil filled space heaters for large rooms.  We specifically chose heaters that have enough power to adequately warm large bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen areas.  Take a look…

TaoTronics - best oil filled space heater for large rooms

TaoTronics 1500W Oil Filled Space Heater

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ 3 Heating Modes
24-hr Timer for Auto On/Off
✔ Tip-over Safety Protection
✔ LED Control Panel & Remote For Easy Operation
✔ Save Energy w/ ECO Mode

honeywell HZ-789 Oil Filled Whole Room Heater

Honeywell ZH-789 EnergySmart Space Heater

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Energy Smart Appliance
✔ Honeywell Quality
✔ Whole Room Heat w/ 1-12hr Timer
✔ Adjustable Thermostat
✔ 3 Heat Settings

De'Longhi oil filled space heater (large rooms)

De’Longhi Quiet Oil-Filled Radiator 

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Lots of Safety Features – Perfect for Homes w/ Kids/Pets
✔ Awesome Control Panel / Easy to Use
✔ Durable & Maintenance Free
✔ Patented Thermal Slots – Maximize Heat Flow
✔ Saves Energy

De'Longhi oil filled radiator space heater 1500w

De’Longhi Oil-Filled Space Heater

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ No Assembly Required
Comfort Temp Technology – Cut Energy Costs!
✔ Maintenace-Free System
✔ No Assembly Required
✔ Thermal Shut Off Safety Feature

best oil filled heater with remote - KopBeau

KopBeau 1500W Space Heater w/ Eco Mode

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Cut Down On Your Energy Bill – Advanced ECO Mode
Remote Control Included For Convenience
✔ Peace of Mind Safety Features – Ok To Fall Asleep
✔ 3 Heating Modes & Digital Thermostat

Pelonis Luxurious Champagne space heater review

Pelonis Luxurious Champagne Space Heater

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Efficient Heating
No Forced Air Circulation Means Quiet Operation
✔ Safety Features: Tip Over, Overheat, Indicator Lights
✔ Easy to Move

Comfort Zone CZ8008 cheap oil filled heater - best value

Comfort Zone CZ8008 Oil Filled Heater

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Lowest Cost / Budget-Friendly Option
✔ Silent Operation
✔ Compact & Portable
✔ Smart Safety Features For Your Family
✔ 3 Heat Sttings & Adjustable Thermostat

Aikoper oil filled space heater review

Aikoper Oil Filled Space Heater w/ Remote

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Tip Over & Overheat Protection
3 Different Heat Settings & ECO Mode
✔ Silent Warmth & Easy Operation
✔ Lower Your Heating Bills w/ High Efficiency Heating

Aireplus 1500w oil filled space heater review

Aireplus 1500W Space Heater (Oil Filled)

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Worry-Free / Amazing After-Sales Service
Smart ECO Model Saves You Money
✔ Quiet & Comfortable Heating
✔ Adjustable Thermostat & 3 Heat Settings

Pelonis PHO15A2AGW Basic Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Pelonis PHO15A2AGW Heater For Large Rooms

✔ 1500W – Perfect Size For Large Rooms
✔ Efficient Heating w/ Adjustable Thermostat
Safety First – Multiple Safety Features For Your Loved Ones
✔ Quiet Operation
✔ 3 Heat Settings

Our Proprietary Ranking System Takes The Following Factors Into Consideration


Heating Capacity


Safety Features

Energy Savings


Silent Operation

Customer Satsifaction

Feedback/ Reviews

Oil Filled Space Heater Buying Guide

As the weather changes and it starts to get cold, we’re always looking for ways to keep warm.  Rather than just cranking the heat this winter, consider something a bit more energy efficient, something that allows for a more centralized heat source where you need it.  Space heaters are often the perfect fit.  They heat only the area you need heated, saving you money.   More specifically, oil-filled space heaters are quiet, maintenance-free, and they’re portable so you can move them anywhere you need them.  They also have the capacity to heat very large rooms.

What to Look For in Oil Filled Space Heaters

Of course we’re not all experts in space heaters, and that’s okay.  It’s something you really don’t think about until you need it, and at that point, you don’t have hours to spend doing too much research.  The good news is that we’ve taken the time to study up on them for you.  

The following is a list of things to consider when you buy an oil filled spaced heater.  We’ll cover what makes them good, along with which features you need and which are just “nice to haves”.


best oil filled space heater for large rooms

Heating Capacity / Modes

The very first thing you’ll need to consider when making a space heater purchase is it’s heating capacity.  How big of an area are you looking to keep warm and what size heater does that require?  Since we’re specifically talking about oil filled space heaters for large rooms, you’ll need adequate heating capacity for larger areas.  This usually means a 1500-watt space heater.  This was our threshold for the capacity on the list above.  They do make smaller, often 700-watt heaters, but these are typically used in a very cozy setting like a small office space next to your desk.

Next, the best oil filled space heaters offer multiple heating modes.  So rather than just turning the heater on/off, you can setting it for the amount of heat you need.  This helps with energy efficiency (more on this below), but it’s also needed to satisfy your differing comfort levels.  We recommend sticking with machines that include this feature.


family in living room need space heater

Energy Efficiency

We briefly touched on the energy efficiency of oil filled heaters above.  There are several reasons why they’re the best choice in space heaters, and this might be the biggest one.  They are very efficient in quickly warming areas of your home where you need it and not where you don’t.  There’s also no forced air, so that means they’re quiet and it saves energy too.  

In addition to oil filled space heaters being inherently energy efficient, modern features like eco mode and multiple heat settings, and adjustable thermostats mean you only use heat when you need it.  This again helps you cut down on your energy bill, ultimately putting more money back in your pocket, and at the same time, doing the right thing for our environment.


space heater safety

Safety Features

If you have small children or pets in your home, you must think about the safety aspect of having a heater around.  The good news is, the best oil filled heaters now have sensors for tip over protection and overheating.  These are both safety features that prevent fires. 

In the past, fires have always been a concern with space heater safety.  While we’ll probably never do away with that concern, making sure you buy a space heater that implements features like these are ensuring you do what you can to help keep your family safe.

Customer Reviews/Feedback

Looking back at what other customers have said about their purchase of the items you’re looking to buy is the best way to identify good and bad products.  With so much information readily available at your fingertips on the internet, there’s really no excuse to do this 2-minute research that could help you find something great, or perhaps more importantly, avoid a bad buy.

Customers readily offer their feedback over and over at online retailers like Amazon.  Using this free resource is an absolutely awesome way to size up what’s worth spending your money on and what’s not.  Take advantage of this.  


family warming up near oil filled heater in large living room

Best Oil Filled Space Heater For Large Rooms:  Conclusion

When you’re reading to heat your home this winter, consider helping the environment and decreasing the size of your electricity bill by turning the heat down and de-centralizing your warmth to only where you need it.  You’ll be surprise how inexpensive even the best oil filled space heater for a large room is.  Most are under $100 with the very best costing slightly more, but the amount of money you save in energy consumption could give you a return on your investment in as little as one month.

The list we assembled above are, in our opinion, the top 10 heaters that fit the criteria we’ve outlined in this guide.  Now that you’re read through this guide, you too have the tools need to select one.  We feel pretty strongly that you can’t go wrong with our top pick, the TaoTronics Oil Filled Space Heater.

If having all the safety features and additional convenience of the amazing control panel, also consider our premium pick, the De’Longhi Quiet Oil Filled Radiator