uniden r4 vs escort max 360

Uniden R4 vs Escort MAX 360

If you’re considering the purchase of a radar detector, comparing the Uniden R4 vs the Escort MAX 360 is a great place to start.  Both are priced mid-range when compared to others in their class.  They both offer proven technology, extended radar detection range, and tons of extra features we’ll tell you more about below. 

As we noted in our best radar detector post, there are a few important considerations you should keep in mind.  Our comparison of the Uniden R4 and the Escort MAX 360 below will hit on all their features and what sets each of them apart.     

Note:  depending on your screen size, You may have to turn your phone horizontal to see the side-by-side comparison!

Uniden R4 Radar Detector

uniden r4 radar detector

Coverage:  360-Degrees

Detects:  X, K, Ka, Laser bands

Display:  Full Color OLED

uniden r4 oled display

R4 Display

Uniden R4 Manual

Kit Includes:  Portable Carry Case

uniden r4 convenience kit

Top Features

New, Longer Range

Auto GPS Lockout

Auto-Dim Display

Single Antenna

Price: Current Price

Escort MAX 360 Detector

escort max 360 radar detector

Coverage:  360-Degrees

Detects:  X, K, Ka, Laser bands

Display:  Full Color OLED

escort max 360 display

MAX360 Display

MAX360 Manual

Kit Includes:  Portable Carry Case

escort max 360 travel case and power cord

Top Features

Long Range Detection

Directional Arrows

Auto GPS Lockout


Real-time Alerts (app)


Price: Current Price

Uniden R4 vs Escort MAX 360 Review:

Escort’s MAX 360 has been available since 2015 and is a proven performer in the marketplace.  Escort stands behind their product and even offers a ticket guarantee, stating they’ll reimburse you for a radar or laser speeding ticket.  The other major player in the radar detector space, Uniden has recently improved upon their R3 model and created the R4 with an even longer detection range and new, additional features.


These are two amazing radar detectors and have all the basic features you’d expect, including 360-degree detection of all the radar bands (X, K, and Ka) and laser.

Pricing on both is roughly the same which makes sense as they have similar features.  Both also have good false alert filtering, voice alerts, and red light and speed camera alerts too.

Last but not least, both of these great radar detectors have good GPS lockout functionality.  These means they can learn the location of false alerts.  The next time you pass, they’ll be recognized and mute them! 


While the feature sets on both the Uniden R4 and Escort MAX 360 are similar, they do operate a little differently.   We list and detail the differences in several of these features below to help you understand them better.  

MAX 360 – Directional Arrows

Directional arrows are a feature that is made available in the Escort MAX 360 due to its dual antennas.  With one in the front and one in the back, Escort is able to pinpoint directionaly where the radar is coming from.  This can come in very handy especially at night or when you’re having trouble trying to determine where a speed trap is located.  

Due to the Uniden R4 only having a single antenna, it does not have this feature.  If directional arrows are important to you, we recommend you consider the Escort MAX 360.

escort max 360 directional arrow alerts

R4 – Longer Range

There have been technology improvements in the years since the Escort MAX 360 was introduced back in 2015.  While it does have long range detection and we’ve never felt like it was lacking, the newer Uniden R4 takes it to a new level.  This radar detector uses two LNA’s (low noise amplifiers ) that increase sensitivity and futher boost its range.  The LNAs are especially effective in curvy or hilly areas as this is the type of environment where the extra range is most helpful.

MAX 360 – Bluetooth / Escort Live App

Uniden built bluetooth into the R4, but at the time of writing this comparison, the feature has not yet been turned on.  That said, the Escort MAX 360 does have functional bluetooth and it allows users to share and receive real-time driver alerts throughout the world.  With over 100 million real-time alerts shared annually, this is truly a crowd-sourced feature that is unmatched by the R4 at this point in time.      

We’re hoping in the future, you’re able to use bluetooth in the R4 and it levels the playing field a bit.  It’ll be interesting to see how/if Uniden further develops this part of the R4.

escort live app

R4 – RDD Immunity

The Uniden R4 model comes with radar detector detectors immunity, or RDD.  That’s certainly a mouthful, but long story short, it claims to be undetectable by radar detector detectors.  This is typically a concern in areas where there is a radar detector ban.  In this case, the R4 is Spectre immune, but the MAX 360 can be found by the Spectre Elite.

MAX 360 – Dual Antennas

Escort’s MAX 360 has dual antennas.  This feature is primarily used for the directional arrows mentioned above, but it provides additional sensitivity to radar detection and increased performance, especially when taken from the rear of your vehicle.  This is a nice adder since the R4 has a longer detection range.

R4 – Laser Gun Indicator

Uniden’s R4 radar detector has another cool feature that you don’t see in others, including the MAX 360.  It can actually detect and identify which type of laser gun is being used to detect your speed.  It’s a neat trick, but we’re not sure how useful this feature really is in practice.  

Uniden R4

uniden r4 radar detector
  • Longer Range Detection
  • Speed-Based Muting
  • Laser Gun Indicator
  • Automatic GPS lockout
  • RDD Immunity
  • No Directional Arrows
  • No Rear Antenna

Escort MAX 360

escort max 360
  • Long Range Detection
  • Directional Arrow Alerts
  • Speed-Based Muting
  • 2 Antennas (Front/Rear)
  • Real-time Alerts (App)
  • Bluetooth
  • Range < Uniden R4


We hope our Uniden R4 vs Escort MAX 360 comparison helped in providing guidance and an understanding of the differences in features between these two.  Both detectors would be a great choice as they have great features and perform better than most.  The biggest difference between the two breaks down to which is more important to you, directional arrows or longer range radar detection.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in radar detection technology, the Uniden R4 is your best choice.  Its extra long range gives you plenty of time to respond to alerts and it does a great job of muting potential false alerts, reducing annoyances.  This is a great new radar detector, and one you’ll be happy to own.

If range is less important to you than dual antennas and directional arrows, the Escort MAX 360 is probably better suited to meet your needs.  This radar detector has proven to out perform a number of other radar detectors for several years and is still relevant today.  In addition, it’s bluetooth capabilities and real-time alerts through the ESCORT Live app are unmatched by the R4.

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