Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers

There are two main types of bowlers, straight bowlers and what we call hook bowlers.  Most beginners start off throwing the ball straight because it’s the easiest way to learn.  Many continue that way forever since it feels most natural, and even if you don’t, almost everyone attempts to pick up spares by rolling the ball straight rather than spinning it.  The list below was compiled to rate and compare balls to find the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.  

In our top 10 list of the best straight bowling balls, you’ll find options, ball weights, and color schemes for everyone.  It’s perfect for beginners and spare picker-uppers alike!

Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball

✔ 6-16 lbs Options
✔ Plastic/Polyester Ball
✔ Spare Coverstock
✔ High Gloss Polished Finish
✔ Recommended for Any Lane Conditions
✔ Lots of Great Color Options – Click to See


Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

✔ 8-16 lbs Weights
✔ Polyester Coverstock
✔ 12 Color Combinations – Click to See
✔ Absolute Best Value Bowling Ball
✔ Perfect for any Age or Skill Level
✔ Great Customer Feedback.


Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball

✔ 12-16 lbs Options
✔ Polyester Coverstock
✔ 800/1000/2000 Abralon Polished
✔ Best on Light Oil Lane Conditions
✔ 0 Asymmetric Mass Bias
Best Spare Bowling Ball!


Storm ICE Storm Bowling Ball

Storm Ice Blue & White Bowling Ball

✔ 10-16 lbs Weights
✔ Pearl Polyester Coverstock
✔ 3500-Grit Polished Finish
✔ Traditional 3-piece Core
✔ Storm Straight Bowling Balls Are Great for Any Lane Condition


Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball

✔ 10-16 lbs Ball Weights ✔ Polyester Coverstock ✔ 4000 Abralon Polished ✔ Budget Bowling Ball ✔ Multiple Color Options ✔ Great for Children, Beginners, or Spare Shooting


Motiv Hyper Sniper Bowling Ball

Motiv Hyper Sniper Bowling Ball

✔ 12-16 lbs Options
✔ TruShot Polythane Coverstock
✔ 5500 Grit LSP
✔ Hybrid Coverstock Provides Performance & Durability
✔ Hollow Point Core for Sharp Shooting Accuracy


Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

✔ 6-16 lbs Ball Weights
✔ Hard Polyester/Plastic Coverstock
✔ 800/800/1000/2000 Abralon TM Polished Finish
✔ Hook Potential of 1 (Lowest on 1-30 Scale)


Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

✔ 6-16 lbs Options
✔ U1S 1st Gen Urethane Coverstock
✔ 3500-Grit Polished
✔ 3-Piece Core Enhances Predictability


DV8 Just Black Bowling Ball

DV8 Just Black Bowling Ball

✔ 6-16 lbs Weight Options
✔ Polyester Coverstock
✔ Great for First-Time Bowlers
✔ Ultra-Durable
✔ Comes with Free Shoulder Sack Included


Our Proprietary Ranking System Takes The Following Factors Into Consideration


Plastic Coverstock

Competitive Pricing

Cool Colorways

Feedback/ Reviews

Range of Weights

Customer Satsifaction

Best Straight Bowling Ball Buying Guide

Most amateur bowlers, especially those not in leagues of some sort, are straight bowlers.  A straight bowler is someone that throws the ball straight down the lane rather than trying to curve or hook it into the pin setup.  It takes much less skill to hit the headpin and the lane conditions affect the bowling ball less when you’re bowling straight balls.  For this reason, you’ll almost certainly be a straight bowler when you’re a beginner or your just play for fun and want to relax when bowling.  

There’s another good reason for throwing a straight ball, and that’s to pick up spares.  It’s exponentially more difficult to pick up a spare with a ball that curves, especially for a hook beginner.  Even most pros that throw hooks will pick up spares with a straight ball due to the fact that it’s easier and less risky.  For this reason, many bowlers will call this type of ball their “spare ball”.  Not because it’s an extra ball, but because it’s used to pick up spares.  

What to Look For in the Best Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers

You’re probably wondering what makes one bowling ball better than another for straight bowlers.  Good question!  There are a few things including the coverstock and the finish on the ball.  They both plan an important roll in ensuring the balls don’t spin out easily. 

We’ve also intentionally selected balls that have options to purchase in all different weights and colors.  Many of the balls listed above have lots of really cool color schemes.  That’s of course part of the fun of bowling!

In addition, finding a ball that has great value and good feedback from customers is also important.  We don’t necessarily mean we’re looking for a cheap bowling ball, but rather one that is relatively inexpensive for the quality and performance characteristics that particular ball gives us.

bowler rolling best straight bowling ball

Polyester/Urethane Coverstock

The best bowling ball for straight bowlers is definitely one that has a plastic coverstock (this is bowling jargon for the cover material on a bowling ball).  The most common one is polyester, but urethane coverstocks are also often used for straight balls. These plastics provide low friction on the lanes and don’t spin as easily as more aggressive coverstocks do.  In other words, urethane bowling balls go straighter vs. reactive resin balls.  If you’re looking for good straight ball, stick with either polyester or urethane.

Bowling Ball Finish/Polish

For the same reasons we mentioned in the section above, top bowling balls for straight bowlers are have a highly polished finish, usually 2000-grit and higher.  These finishes are perfect for reducing friction and picking up spares or helping beginners get down the lane straight.  They’re also great for bowling alleys that have dry lane conditions compared to most.

Colorful bowling balls

Weight and Color Options

Straight balls come in a very wide variety of weights.  Usually starting around 6 or 8 pounds, plastic balls are perfect for kids and teens because of their added durability.  If you are throwing a strike ball (hooking ball on the first throw of a frame) and a spare ball, it’s recommended that you use the same weight for both balls so your timing is not affected.

The color of your ball shows your individuality!  Our selection of the best straight balls above intentionally allows you to pick a ball that fits your personality as we’ve chosen balls with many color schemes and options.  Go ahead, pick out a cool color scheme and show your friends what you’re made of.

Affordability & Customer Feedback/Reviews

One of the best things about straight balls or spare balls is that they are almost always less expensive than most other balls.  The plastic coverstock provides great durability at a very affordable price.  That means there should be more good options in your budget! 

As always, make sure you take a quick look through the customer reviews when buying a bowling ball online.  This is an added line of defense against buying a ball you may not like.  Online shoppers are great at sharing their feedback with us so that we can make an informed decision when buying something. 

How to Throw a Bowling Ball Straight

When learning how to throw a bowling ball straight, you’ll find that there’s more to it than just the ball.  Your approach to the throw, where to aim when bowling a straight ball, and where you stand all also play an important role.  Here are some general tips on doing just that.

YouTube video


Buying a straight ball is a pretty painless process when you know what you’re looking for.  We’ve given you 9 great options above to get started.  Take a look around and find one with a color scheme that fits your personality.  Then, get it ordered so you can get out on the lanes and start practicing.  

If you stray outside of the list above, just take special consideration of that you’re getting a ball, preferably with a polyester shell, and one that’s been heavily polished on the finish. The rest is about fitting within your budget and finding a ball that you like the looks of.  

Our Choice for “Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers”

Our top straight ball pick goes to the Brunswick Tzone bowling ball.  It’s prefect for kids, adults, beginners, and experienced bowlers. The multitude of weights and color schemes make it a great fit for almost everybody.  In addition, the Tzone is super affordable through Amazon and it’s a ball that historically gets tons of great customer feedback and product reviews.  Here are a few of the color schemes that you can find the Tzone in.  Click on any of the Tzone bowling balls below to see more about it at Amazon.

Brunswick T-Zone Color Options

Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers - Brunswick T-zone - Patriot Blaze

Patriot Blaze

Best Spare Bowling Ball - Brunswick tzone in Green


Brunswick Tzone bowling ball in blue


Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Deep Space

Deep Space

Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball Red-white-blue


Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Indigo


Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Pink


Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Gold Envy

Gold Envy

Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast

Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Ultraviolet Sunrise

Ultraviolet Sunrise

Brunswick tzone Bowling Ball in Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef

Any of the plastic bowling balls above would be a great pick for your next ball if you’re a straight bowler.  If you’re a more experienced bowler and you’re looking specifically for a “spare ball“, we strongly urge you to consider the Hammer Black Widow.  While it’s slightly more expensive than the Brunswick Tzone, it is a high-performance bowling ball with some great features that should help you pick up more spares!

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