Best Queen Size Camping Cot For Couples

There are many that love the joys of camping, feeling free in nature, enjoying the quiet, and spending time with family and friends in your element.  However, not all of us, myself included, love to sleep on the ground.  For this reason, we’ve come up with a list of our favorites, the top 5 best camping cots for couples (queen-size).

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already tried sleeping on an air mattress or sleeping mat.  While they help some, air mattresses lose air and mats just don’t seem to be enough padding.  Besides with both, you’re still basically being on the ground which is a whole other topic.  A camping cot brings you up off the ground and you don’t have to worry about filling it with air (or keeping it filled with air).

camping cot in tent
best camping cot for couples.

Simpli Comfy EZ Self-Inflating Camping Cot

✔ 500lb Weight Capactiy
✔ Extra Large 80″ x 62″ Dimensions
✔ Built-in Air Pump w/ One-Touch Operation
✔ Setup In Under 3 Minutes

✔ Folds Up Into a Wheeled Case (Included)


KingCamp Queen Size Camping Cot

KingCamp Queen Size Camping Cot

✔ 550lb Weight Capacity
✔ 84.6″ x 55″ Dimensions
✔ Durable Steel Frame
Made w/ High Quality 1200D Oxford Material
✔ Product Weighs Just 35.3lbs


Coleman camping cot for couples

Coleman Camping Cot w/ Mattress/Pump

✔ 600lb Weight Capacity
✔ 80″ x 62″ Dimensions
✔ Durable Steel Frame
✔ 41.9lb Product Weight
✔ Cup Hold/Night Stand


Ivation EZ Bed Review

Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress w/ Bed Frame

✔ 450lb Weight Capacity
✔ 79″ x 61″ Dimensions
✔ 24″ Tall (easy to get in & out of)
✔ Deflate defender™ – maintains comfort level all night
✔ Built-in Air Pump


Tangkula Camping Tent Cot Review

Tangkula 2-Person Camping Tent Cot

✔ 405lb Weight Capacity
✔ 76″ x 54″ Dimensions
All-in-one Camping Tent Cot Combo
✔ Includes Tent, 2-Sleeping Bags, Air Mattress, 2-Pillows
✔ Keeps Entire Tent Off The Ground 


Best Queen Size Camping Cot:  Simpi Comfy EZ Self-Inflating Air Bed

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Simpli Comfy’s EZ self-inflating camping cot is amazing!  First, it appears to be one of the largest, if not the largest, camping cots available on the market.  But besides that, it inflates and sets itself up automatically in under 3 minutes!  It also deflates itself with the same built-in air pump.  Not to mention it has a very respectable 500lb weight capacity and steel frame for increased durability.

Simpli Comfy EZ Bed Review of Camping Cot

Check out the image above, this LARGE queen size camping cot also folds up into its own wheeled case that’s included, making it super-easy to travel with.

This product includes pretty much everything you need to get on the road today and camping with your significant other.  No need to buy a separate air mattress, air pump, or carrying case.  Just order this cot and you’re on your way!

There are several reasons we chose this as the best camping cot for couples, but the fact that it’s been available for at least a few years and has thousands of positive online reviews doesn’t hurt at all either.  This is just the kind of thing we look for to give us confidence that consumers are typically happy with their purchase for the long-run.  It also comes with a full 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Best queen size camping cot

Important Camping Cot Features

Like most camping products, you have the cheap vs. the expensive.  There’s also typically a simple/basic option and those that are more luxurious.  Here are a few of the things to consider when picking out a queen size camping cot for you and your significant other.

Mattress Or No Mattress?

This is of course a decision that you’ll be able to make for yourself.  Do you want or need a mattress or not?  The way I see it, there are two general ways to look at it…

In the first, consider that you don’t go camping that often or you just want to pack as light as possible so you don’t have to lug so much around or spend big $$$.  If this sounds like you, perhaps a basic camping cot without a mattress is perfect for your needs.  You can “rough it” for a few nights a year, and besides, at least you’re up off the hard ground, right?

The other way to think of it is this way…

If you’re going to do this camping thing, you might as well do it right.  Why give up all the creature comforts you enjoy at home?  Besides you want a good night sleep so you have plenty of energy for hiking, fishing, and the other activities you have planned.  

Don’t forget, you can add a mattress later to many of these camping cots.  That might be a good option for easing into it.

Size and Weight Capacity

This is obviously one of the most important factors that will going into picking which camping cot to purchase.  Clearly you need one that’s large enough for two (this is a page for the best camping cots for couples, right), so presumably a queen-size or similar. 

Regardless of the dimensions however, the weight capacity is also key.  Not just to ensure it’ll hold the weight of you and your significant other, but it also reflects the cot’s durability.  A product that is rated for 600lbs is clearly more well-built than one that is only rated to support 400 pounds.  This is something that should be considered in making a pick that will last for several years.

camping tent cot all-in-one combo

The Camping Tent/Cot

If you do any research on camping cots, you’ll notice there is also a product out there called a “camping tent cot”.  This is basically a tent that is raised up, off the ground like a cot would be.  It’s a novel concept and not a bad idea really.  They get the entire tent away from the ground, meaning no hard ground, fewer bugs, etc.  Take a look at camping tent cots at Amazon if this is something that interests you.

Ease of Use

You should certainly consider a cot’s ease of use before making a purchasing decision.  There are actually two things to think about.  First, how easy is it to pack and take with you?  It’s it too large?  Is it too heavy?  And, how do you transport it?  Does it fold up into a nice, easy to handle case (most do)?  Some even have wheels!

Next however, is setup.  Some of the best camping cots have an automated setup feature with a built-in air pump for the mattress.  As the bed airs up, the cot frame also unfolds.  This makes camping life really easy.  As the bed goes up, you can be setting up other things throughout the campsite.  Besides, who wants to spend the whole day setting up?  Automate the process so you can hike, cook dinner, and watch an outdoor movie!

couple sleeping on camping cot in tent

Camping Cot FAQs

It’s actually a pretty difficult task to find queen size camping tents that are large enough for a couple to sleep on together.  Besides where to find them (see our list above), there are tons of questions out there related to this subject.  Like we do in so many of our product reviews and best of lists, we’ve put this FAQ section together to answer some of the most popular questions out there in an attempt help our readers in their research.

What sizes do camping cots come in?

Camping cots come in a variety of sizes.  According to one site, cots range from junior to regular, to large and jumbo.  Note, camping cots don’t typically follow the traditional bed dimensions.  Most are much more narrow than their corresponding bed sizes, and it’s actually very difficult to find larger sizes. 

Do you need a pad/mattress with a cot?

No, this is actually just a personal preference.  It’s nice to have a mattress pad for added comfort, but it’s not necessary.  Some will decide it’s what they need in order to go camping, yet others are fine without it.  There’s always the option of starting without one and adding it later.

Are cots good for side sleepers?

Camping cots are good for side sleepers provided that there is a mattress or additional padding.  This augments the support for your shoulders and hips, something that’s uber important for side sleepers.