Security Camera Deals - Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Security Camera Deals 2021

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other flash sales happening around the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas offer consumers some of the best deals of the year.  This is especially true for tech gadgets and other electronics including security camera systems.  The innovation over the past few years is astounding and has caused prices to come way down.  Now is a great time to buy, and these would also make great gifts for the tech-minded individual in your life.

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* Note:  During this time of year, sales pop-up and end quickly, many of them being temporary flash sales.  We will update this page as often as possible, including many times on Black Friday itself and throughout Cyber Week.  However, we will make mistakes and miss sales, updates, and out-of-stock notices.  Please bear with us.  We are doing the best we can to keep up.  Thank you for your patience!

The Best Security Camera Deals

There are several types of home security cameras and systems available in 2021.  The most common are wired, wifi, and wire-free.  If you’re not familiar, wifi and wire-free might sound like the same thing, but there is a difference between them.  Wifi security cameras get their network connection through wifi, but still require power to be connected through wires, whereas a wire-free security camera system is most commonly battery powered and does not have any wired connections at all. 

Last, but not least is a wired security camera system.  While these might sound much more tedius to install to most (and it is), there are some benefits of a wired system.  We’ve found and listed deals from all 3 categories below.

Wire-Free Security Camera Deals

Wire-free security camera systems tend to be the most loved category by the majority of consumers.  They’re quick and easy to install.  They can be moved to a new location easily for whatever the reason may be, and you don’t need to keep tons of storage space on your computer as all the data gets uploaded directly to the cloud for safe-keeping.

arlo logo

Arlo by Netgear is one of the most popular smart home security camera systems available today.  They are comepletely wire-free, weather-resistant, and work both indoors and outdoors.  The new Arlo Pro 3 camera has a full 2K resolution with HDR and can be zoomed in to see clearer details. 

They also happen to be on sale currently!  Here are our favorite deals:

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera – 4 Camera Security System

The Pro 3 is Arlo’s best camera to date.  It’s runs 2K video with HDR, has color night vision, 2-way audio, and provides the user with 160-degree view.  It’s a simple, wire-free installation, and with 2K resolution, you can now zoom in on objects for a clearer view.  

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

This camera is has 1080p resolution, color night vision, 2-way audio, and is motion activated.  It connects directly to your wifi and does not need any hub.  It is also a wire-free solution to your security camera needs. 

Arlo Video Doorbell

The video doorbell by Arlo gives you peace of mind and added protection with package detection.  It provides motion detection and alerts along with a built-in siren.   Night vision is also included and installation is a breeze if you’re replacing an existing doorbell.

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Wired Security Camera Deals

The next most common type of camera security is a wired system, sometimes called a PoE security camera system.  The thought is… if you’re going to run wires for power anyway, you might as well also run network cables.  This gives you faster connection speeds and allows for higher resolution cameras and local storage of your security footage.

reolink logo

Reolink is one of the most popular consumer brands for wired security camera systems.  They provide their customers with fully assembled camera systems that are plug and play using PoE (power over ethernet cables).  And, since these systems are wired, they can use higher resolution cameras, often 4k security cameras, in their systems.  

Reolink often has great deals on their equipment, but they are gone quickly, so act fast if you see something you’re interested in.  Also, make sure you check just below the price to see if there is a coupon to activate for extra savings.  Here are the current deals:

Reolink 4K PoE Security Camera System – 4 Cameras w/ 2TB HDD

This system by Reolink includes 4pcs of their 4K ultra HD security cameras.  The RLK8-800B4 can provide 24/7 recording using the included NVR and 2TB HDD.  These are outdoor cameras that can be viewed remotely and recorded locally.

Reolink 4K PoE Security Camera System – 8 Cameras w/ 3TB HDD

This system by Reolink includes 8pcs of their 4K ultra HD security cameras, and the ability to add up to 8 more cameras in the future.  The RLK16-800B8 provides 24/7 recording via the included NVR and 3TB hard drive.  This huge package is pefect for securing your entire property!

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Video Doorbell Deals

As you know, video doorbells have become so popular over the past several years, and this is a great time of year to get a good deal on one.  You can find some of the best deals listed below:

More deals will be posted as Black Friday nears.  Until then, use link above for the most current deals…

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

The Ring 3 Plus is our new favorite video doorbell of this holiday season.  It’s been updated to include enhanced wifi, improved motion detection, 4-second video previews, and is so easy to install.  Check out the great price on this doorbell!  

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Other Black Friday Security Camera Deals

There are far too many security camera deals this Black Friday and throughout Cyber Week than we’re able to list here.  We’ve listed our favorites and you can find other, more time-sensitive deals, including lightning deals, listed at the link below.  All the top brands like the ones listed above, along with Blink, Yi, Swann, Amcrest, and more all having sales this weekend!

The “flash sales” come and go quickly, so make sure you check back often if you’re looking for something.  You can just bookmark this page and continue to check the link below to follow Amazon’s latest security camera deals.

Other Black / Cyber Week 2021 Deals

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