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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Garage Door Opener Deals 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or Cyber Week as it has become, is a fabulous time of year to buy that new garage door opener that you’ve been looking for.  This is certainly when you’ll find the best deals of the season and the biggest selection.  Plus, soon it’ll be too cold to want to work outside and get it up.  

We’ve done the research for you to help find the best of the best deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We’ve broken down the deals into (3) categories:  Garage Door Openers, Smart Garage Hubs, and Smart Garage Cameras.  Take a look at what we found…

Garage Door Opener Deals

This section lists all of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on garage door openers, including chain drive, belt drive, and direct drive options. 

As a super-quick primer, chain drive is the most common and often least exspensive option.  Belt drives are the best for ultra-quiet operation. Last but not least, direct drive garage door openers are usually used out of necessity.  They are most expensive, but sometimes the only option based on your particular garage setup.  You know if you need one of these.  

Here are the best deals this season:

chamberlain b970 garage door opener black friday deal

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Chamberlain B970 Smart Garage Door Opener (Belt Drive)

We love the Chamberlain B970 belt-driven garage door opener.  You can read our full review of the B970 to get a better idea of why, but it’s our favorite!  It’s quiet, powerful, reliable, and now offered at a great price!

Chamberlain B4545 Secure View Garage Door Opener Black Friday Deal

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Chamberlain B4545 Secure View Video Garage Door Opener

You might notice the addition this year of the smart garage video cameras below on this page.  With in-garage deliveries becoming more and more popular this year, these cameras are being added quickly.  The B4545 comes with a camera built-in so you can take advantage without much effort.  Check it out today – what an amazing price right now!

Smart Garage Hub Deals

Smart garages are becoming the “new thing”.  They protect your home by letting you know when the door is open, they allow you open or close it remotely, and they also provide you with peace of mind.  Besides, they’re super-cheap and the current deals are better than ever!

Check these out:

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener - Black Friday Deal

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MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Hub & Controller

Probably the most popular smart garage door opener, the Chamberlain MyQ is inexpensive and has tons of connection options.  Control your garage doors with your smartphone from home or away and be confident in your home’s security by being able to check on your door from anywhere.

Tailwind iQ3 Premium Smart Garage Controller Deal

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Tailwind iQ3 Smart wifi Garage Door Opener Controller

This smart garage door controller by Tailwind is pretty cool.  It can automatically sense you coming home, truely making your home “smarter”.  You can easily monitor and control your garage doors remotely, offering you great peace of mind.

Smart Garage Camera Deals

The absolute latest tech being used in smart garages are security cameras.  With a smart garage camera, you can actually get a live feed (or record) footage in your garage.  These cameras are optimized for a garage setting and are heavy-duty enough for potential temperature changes.  They are also perfect for secure in-garage delivery by online retailers!

Check these out:

LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera MYQ-SGC1WLM Best Black Friday Deal

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LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera MYQ-SGC1WLM 

We’re very excited to review this smart garage camera Black Friday deal!  Placing this camera in your garage can gives you lots of “peace of mind” for a small price.  Take a look and add one to your smart home while the price is right.

Looking for security cameras?  There are great Black Friday Deals on Security Cameras too!

Other Garage Door Opener Black Friday Deals

Here are some other garage door opener deals not shown above.  The button below links to some of Amazon’s Lightning Deals.  These are the more time-sensitive and change often.  Since we’ll have a hard time making real-time updates as things change throughout the day, we’re just going to post the link that you can keep coming back to.  Just bookmark this page. 

Black Friday Garage Upgrade Deals

While you’re in the process of upgrading your garage, check out these other awesome deals available today.  Most of these are 20-40% off today only.  Great time to give the garage a complete overhaul!

Other Black / Cyber Week 2020 Deals

BestReviewPros has done the research and found some of the very best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Week in 2020.  Click below to search all the great deals we’ve written about this holiday shopping season: